Overlord H

Overlord H is a visual novel with 3D renders made in Ren’Py.
It is a parody of the Overlord anime/LN series, it follows the main story while putting the focus (and choices) on possible hentai scenes or alternative choices which simply alter the plot.

At its core, Overlord H is a sandbox game, but unlike most sandbox games you will not get lost nor require a walkthrough to play.

Maps used for navigation purposes are from a top-view angle and bare of any furniture: The only objects are colorful tokens that will light up once you hover the cursor over them, it is almost impossible to miss them.

One of those tokens is Momonga’s, upon interacting with it, it will tell you exactly where to go to progress with the main storyline, as of R22, it covers almost three seasons/eight volumes.

You play the game in first person only, with the main objective of conquering the world: How that will happen is up to you.

As of R22, only a region is available (Re-Estize Kingdom), in the near future you will be able to visit Demiurge’s farm (In Abelion Hills) and your own kingdom which will be split from Re-Estize Kingdom.

Developer: Winterfire – PatreonDiscord | SubscribeStar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Creampie, Fantasy, Interracial, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster girl, Parody, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Sandbox, Vaginal sex, Virgin

1. Extract and run.

Gallery Unlock Mod:
Download and drop it in the \game folder.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 350 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

sorry but this is not a complete vn even if it says final on it there are still locations on the map u never get to goto why are they even there if you can’t visit them makes no sense i’m guessing the dev got bored and decided to put out a half assed ending and call it a day this is worth 3 stars at best for that shame because i thought this was a really unique one

Anonymous Fapper

have you read the LN? or the WN? or even watched the anime? some of those locations where probably not even in the LN yet

Anonymous Fapper

Where do you put the Gallery mod. And is there anything I have to change in the mod

Anonymous Fapper

yer butt

Anonymous Fapper

Where do you put the Gallery mod

Anonymous Fapper

downloads are broken

Anonymous Fapper

Can Somebody tell My if this si a GOOD Game ir not? 1 to 5 ???? please

Anonymous Fapper

*me xd

Anonymous Fapper

Enjoyed the game as well as the anime… for me it was a solid 4+. absolutly worth playing.