Pervert Action: Timelapse

Shuji has lost the last month of his life. Now he finds in that time he’s been dating a group of gorgeous, out-of-his-league girlfriends. What happened in that time? And will he be able to turn a group of jealous ex-girlfriends into a harem? Choose how you build your skills and which women you’ll focus on, as you date the girls in order to unravel the mystery.

Developer: BBBen – PatreonTwitterDiscordBlog
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Dating sim, Voiced, Multiple endings, Male protagonist, Harem, Male domination, Group sex, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Big tits, Oral sex, Point & Click, Vaginal sex, Animated, NTR, Sharing


  1. Extract to desired location.
  2. Open folder.
  3. Run “game.exe” to start playing.


  1. Open Terminal window
  2. cd to the extracted game folder
  3. Execute following set of commands:
    • chmod +x\ Framework.framework/nwjs\ Framework
    • chmod +x\\ Helper
    • chmod +x Versions/*/nwjs\ Framework.framework/Helpers/crashpad_handler
    • chmod +x
  4. Game should work afterwards, just as expected.


  • A bunch of new Mika content, including her fourth date and flashback scenes, text messages (with pics), conversation options and wake-ups.
  • A big new shower scene with Nobuko (and Shizu watching)! The scene also has a follow-up in which you can watch what Shizu recorded with her in the “Shizu’s videos” menu!
  • Loads of new voice acting.
  • New collector cards.
  • A bunch of bug fixes; also, the stability improvements to the NW.js files in the game have continued to be rolled out so players shouldn’t get the constant crashing problems on loading screens from earlier builds any more.
Rating: 3.1/5. From 221 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

gallery codes? walkthrough??

Anonymous Fapper

at this point in time it is just embarrassing for the dev.

the models and story are very hot

Anonymous Fapper

That was refreshing. The story is great, and surprising.

Anonymous Fapper

Didn’t find myself in any situation where I wasn’t doing the fucking. Sounds as if the problem is your decision making.

Anonymous Fapper

Just like his life, probably

Anonymous Fapper

You see the tag ‘Harem’? You know wath choises is? WTF!!