Petals of Rose

Welcome to Rieat, a fantasy world where the eternal battle between the Legendary Hero and the Demon King takes place whenever they are reborn again. Each time they clash, the world’s fate hangs in the balance… And so it should be this time… But so far, the new Hero hasn’t been found and Demon King is already making a move!

Our story begins with a girl named Rose, peasant born in Manura Kingdom, who decides to confront Demon King herself and prove that no one needs Legendary Hero. You play as Rose in a story that changes with your choices. You can be as bad as they get or as good as you can, but your actions have consequences. You can make her a shameless girl that loves sex, and exhibitionist that takes pleasure in exposing herself… or both! Her clothing can be torn in various levels of damage that will be visible both in battle and during dialogues.

Petals of Rose is story rich game that will take you on a long journey through various countries, to help Rose get stronger and face Demon King himself!​

Developer/Publisher: Yoshiiki – PatreonDiscord | BlogDeviantArt
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, bukkake, corruption, exhibitionism, fantasy, female protagonist, masturbation, multiple endings, oral sex, rpg, vaginal sex

1- Unzip the files.
2- Start game.exe to play

Rating: 2.6/5. From 19 votes.
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Another rpgm piece of garbage that barely fucking runs.

Anonymous Fapper

So the main characters is a Mary Sue… it’s like reading fanfic honestly.

Anonymous Fapper

Feminist shit


Image freeze ;-;

Anonymous Fapper

very pleasant game, but i have a bug when i walk in Darcy, audio bug (failed to load : audio/se/Item1.ogg). It’s a shame I can not continue playing,
If any one has a solution…

Anonymous Fapper

Just copy any audio file from the folder and rename it Item1

Anonymous Fapper

thanks for the tip the problem is solved ^^