Potion Shop Schwesterherz

You, the player, is controlling Sonja, the girl that roams the forest and collects ingredients to make potions. Sonja found out that only cum makes her potions work, so she is collecting those important essences from various creatures in the woods.

Meanwhile, her sister Linda is running the shop. Being a shopkeeper and selling all those potions just increases her sex drive, leading her to make love to random costumers. Luckily Sonja is able to talk into her concious. On the other hand Linda could make some extra coins this way…

Try out the games unique dialogue sex mechanic; similar to battle-sex!

Developer: random Crow – Patreon | Newgrounds | Itch.io | Blog
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Management, Combat, Fantasy

Extract and run .exe



  • revenge against Annabelle:
    • the overall level of all rooms combined must be 5 or more to trigger paths for revenge (Linda will talk with Sonja about it, so now you know that they are enabled)
    • 3 possible paths; each path has it’s own animation and CG
  • a Voice Actress has been found for Annabelle:
    • all animations with her now include cute moans; presented by MacStarVA! Here is her Twitter
  • new Sonja animations:
    • 2nd animation for the Ghost, Nothic and Thrall
  • new Linda animations:
    • Linda giving a footjob in the bedroom when libido is triggered
    • additional animation together with Annabelle, including a strap-on. Available from the start (when Annabelle starts the blackmailing)
    • additional animation together with Annabelle, featuring Annabelles… friend? (needs some dialogues to be available)
  •  a quest log, that follows your progression
  • quite a bunch of new dialogues
  • new CG for the Nothic





  • increased the sex time with the mimic and the forest statue a little bit


  • the irresistible buff from the abandoned mansion mirror now works in the forest as well
  • a litte bug that didn’t let you scroll via mouse to the left in the shop as far when fully zoomed in
  • the attack of the nothic while in it’s frontview didn’t ever hit Sonja. While I was at it fixing this issue I adjusted his damage hitbox. How could he miss that much all the time? Is he blind? With such a big eye?
  • fixed a small graphic error in the kitchen: the outside of the window was blue
  • another small graphic error when linda is having sex in the shower: there was another shower curtain behind them in bathroom level 2
  • mouse rollover didn’t work on the crows
  • you could pay Annabelle 1000 coins, even when you didn’t have those, which resulted in you going in the negativ. That was not intended
  • bug, that showed the vampire essence icon as rodent essence in the inventory
  • softlock, that happened after loosing to a grue, revive home, and going back to the forest/mansion again. sonja was invisible and couldn’t move
  • when changing clothes or eating a meal, the health / stamina (and probably arousal as well) was sometimes shown with a digit behind comma (like 134.5 for example)
  • fixed some inconsistencies with showing the right amount of charges left (of potions/powders) in the hotbar, when stacking them together inside the inventory
  • a bunch of layer issues concerning clothes in sex animation, including clipping
  • softlock, that keeps you in the powder attack animation if you use a powder while being in masturbation phase 2 or 3. I fixed it, but I still decided that sonja can’t use powder while she’s masturbating. makes more sense. she needs to concentrate
  • when an enemy lewd attacks before a spider(trap) grabs Sonja, resulted in the spider disappearing
  • 2 places where the railing outside of the mansion lets Sonja walk through


  • soon the sex animations that trigger when Linda hits her libido will depend on her inhibition. means she won’t go into a full gangbang when having 100 inhibition. Enjoy it as long as this is the case xD
  • dutch translation is not updated for the new texts in this version
Rating: 3.1/5. From 39 votes.
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not a sheep

Does the shop sell the jab? We are only up to the 5th experimental and untested mrna jab. A “vaccine” that doesn’t even work. That you are not allowed to question. The sheeple metaphor could not be more appropriate. This is all part of an attempt to enslave you. To tell you what you can say, think and do. Tell you what you can drive, eat or the temperature in your home. Even to control what is put into your body. To track you with your phone. How exactly is this not slavery?

Anonymous Fapper

Sorry, my mistake. Only the old version is displayed in the title. The new version is in the download folder

Anonymous Fapper

neat concept, hope there’s a male protag version in the works

Anonymous Fapper

cheat code?

Anonymous Fapper

Headstart – for money, ingredients and potions