Prison Punishment

It is an adult virtual pet slave trainer game which allows you to train criminals. The game is based off real time. Everything you do in the game will require you to wait a certain amount of time. You will not need to keep the game open while you wait. The game will check how long you’ve been away every time you start it up, and then update the game’s clock accordingly. The game’s clock will move faster if you keep the game open, allowing you to get more done.

Developer/Publisher: Moe Wars – Patreon | Twitter
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Slave, Prison, Male, Female, Simulator
Sequel: Prison Punishment 2

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Prison Punishment.exe to start playing.

Rating: 1.8/5. From 59 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Contrary to popular belief the waiting time appeal to some (me at least). It is indeed the idea of an hantai tamagochi like thing that got me to download the game.

Now the absence of any porn at all didn’t sate my hunger cause a timer with “sexual denial” on it doesn’t do much, i wish i’d see it

Finally even if there’d be some porn the graphisms could be improved.

No porn => it wasn’t up to fapable, but once again an interesting idea


Considering it hasn’t been updated since August 2018 and has a shit rating, why has this piece of shit not been removed? It is very obvious that the Dev finally tossed his garbage aside. This site needs to take out the trash.

Anonymous Fapper

looking at the patreon it seems this has been abandoned in favour of making a sequel/remake.
i don’t really hold much hope for them either…

Pretty Boy

Probably the dev thought to himself “Oh well, what can i do to fuck up my game, get 0,5/5* review and get everybody pissed and turned off about my game?hmm i think i’ll make people wait for the game to unfold itself. Yeah, probably getting them to wait will do the trick”.
Shithead dev.

Anonymous Fapper

You know what sucks about a game that forces you to wait? Its still in beta oh the irony!


Make a fully functioning up-to-date android version for those that actually have the time to wait but the wait time for most would me a boring function but that’s just those that can’t be patient