We all know the story: Hero emerges from humble beginnings, slays the tyrannical dragon, and ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity. But here, it’s the other way around. Ravager is a game where you play a young dragon, determined to reclaim their birthright. To do so, you will need to build your power, ally with dark forces, evade justice, and whet your bestial appetites.

The game currently spans the first two chapters of the story: from your birth to the point you claim a lair. It has a nonlinear plot with many significant choices to make (and fun to have) along the way.​

Developer: 4MinuteWarning – PatreonItch.io
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Futa, Trans, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Bestiality, Monster, Monster girl, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Graphic violence, Group sex, Handjob, Humiliation, Male domination, Mobile game, Multiple penetration, Rape, RPG, Sleep sex, Titfuck, Transformation, Voiced, Voyeurism, Anal sex, Ahegao, Bukkake, Drugs, Groping, Slave, Stripping, Trap, Furry, Gay, Lactation, BDSM, Mind Control, Virgin, Female Domination, Lesbian, Management, POV, Incest, Twins, Religion, Sexual Harrassment

1. Extract and run.


Dev Notes

  • Hello from the depths of Act IV dev! In this week’s update, we finally get around to catching up with Maelys. And in grand style.


  • Scene: Maelys does what is expected of her (many variants, collab with Mattrex).
  • Captive: Maelys’s initial captive interactions (two variants, collab with Mattrex).
  • Captive: If you gently persuade Marie-Anne of your merits, she will get a new skit afterwards.
  • Fate: Chanwe can be given to the mercenaries.
  • Fate: Darja can be given to the mercenaries.
  • Fate: Sabetha & Inej can be given to the mercenaries.
  • Fate: Marie-Anne can be given to the infernals.
  • Animation: Maelys’s captive idle animations (Amon Ra).
  • Art: Malice’s introduction (Lubbio).
  • Voice: Sabetha’s captive interactions (Smol Rowan).
  • BG: A first look at the world map (Mortalitech).


  • The fertility of elves has been reduced.
  • Captain Rhyll faces the same way as everyone else.
  • Heloise is the last person to join the “animations facing the right way” club.
  • Leaving a subject with Breaker indefinitely will boost your kobolds’ Morale.
  • The mercenaries and wolfmen will check that you’ve delivered on your promises when they convene for the war council.


  • Attempting to visit Maelys no longer paths you off a cliff. So many fallen warriors.
  • Spending time with Issa will send you to sleep, not grayscreen limbo.
  • The charm math in the Bastion heist is fixed, for realsies this time.
  • Failing Strength checks no longer grants you Charm, cool scars be damned.
  • If you’re super patient and don’t enjoy Darja until Act IV, she will not hurl you back in time to Act II.
  • Corrected a dodgy text tag when Enid is having eggs for breakfast.
  • Maelys’s ears are less prone to disappearing.
  • Leaving Mina to her fate at the caravan removes her from the screen.
  • Mina’s gag is more ontologically persistent.
  • Cuchilla’s infernal sequence is no longer gated by your audio preferences (whoops).
  • Assorted improvements to stage direction.
  • And everything found in the playtest.
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can you keep the huntress alive

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Yea, you can take her captive according to the walkthrough.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Definitely looking forward to princess adeline’s content whenever it’s released.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Does this game have animations?

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Good game, i love that history,Art and voices too, im highly recommending this game. if u’re not into some genres like futa/gay like me u can just disable at game menu anytime

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

To all future players trying to gain potency, remember that you have to enable stuff like beastiality. Since the main character is a dragon and all.