Reya The Elf

In a world where different races learned to coexist, there was an elf girl. She recently turned eighteen, and her father asked her to help him out. He was in debt to Sam – his brother. Reya decided to help out her father and moved to the big city to work for Sam. A shy and innocent girl, not used to living among so many people will be on her own.​

Developer: YoshiGames – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: female protagonist, animated, 3dcg, corruption, elf



  • added CGs variations for Reya’s new outfit


  • changed the PC interface
  • added an online store where Reya can buy a camera
  • added a small event for delivery
  • Photogram is now functional and Reya can start uploading photos:
    – 3 poses available for the first outfit
    – 2 poses available for the second outfit
    – comments system added
  • The wardrobe is now functional and Reya can change her outfit


  • guys’ dialogue on the street now changes when Reya’s wearing a different outfit (small event on the streets while walking)


  • clothes shop can now be upgraded to the first clothes delivery
  • Reya can now buy an outfit after upgrading the shop
  • added a new outfit for Reya in the modeling job


  • Laura will comment on Reya’s new outfit which increases corruption a bit
Rating: 2.9/5. From 20 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

The graphics are great and the guy is a good writer so this might be a good game in like a year or two…but honestly right now there’s not even enough content for this to even qualify as a demo.

Anonymous Fapper

can anyone guide me to play games on iphone

Anonymous Fapper

Ok, Nice game, graphics, and the storyline has a lot of potential. Played up to day 13.. Grind, story slow, no options. When you get an option, there are no choices. Maybe, I want the guy to touch my leg, or I want to sit on the guy’s back. No No No. Wait till there are more options and the game progresses. 5/10 . This game could be awesome.

Anonymous Fapper

idk if i understand you correct but you can let guy touch your leg and you can sit on blonde guy back it is in game