Rovering to Sussex

Moving to a new town is not easy. Joining a club and making friends may help, but did it have to be scouts? Well, at least this scout group has lots of hot girls! Follow us on a journey of scouting, friendship, love, and sex. These girls don’t sell cookies, but play your cards right and they might be up for some nookies. Come and start Rovering to Sussex!


Developer: Zargon_games & RFB – PatreonSubscribeStarDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Handjob, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Oral sex, Sex toys, Titfuck, Urination, Voyeurism

1. Extract and run.


Fixed sheet bend in knots minigame​
Fixed error when finding a specific number of items in the packing game​
Improved writing​


Fixed game getting stuck after opening Stuart’s message in Chapter 1​

Chapter 2: What Scouts Do (v0.2.0)

Added 3 playable days to the game, which include:​
~9,000 words​
~450 renders​
5 animations​
3 lewd scenes​
1 bonus gallery​
4 achievements​
2 minigames​
8 music tracks​
9 sound effects​
Rating: 3.2/5. From 93 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I thought this was a Harry and Megan spinoff where Harry is a cuck.

Anonymous Fapper

I thought this was soccer world cup game. But we’re both stupid.

Anonymous Fapper

Different types of bodies, faces and boobies… ok, I’ll bite for the compressed version just to see how it goes with starters


At least there isn’t gay crap in it like 1/2 of new games. Seriously what is wrong with men today? Masculinity is only “toxic” when women have it. Men need to grow a pair and when they do stop tryying to put them in another guys mouth.

Anonymous Fapper

Pfft, you’re so deep in the closet your in danger of becoming a blouse

t r u th

Your shaming language will not silence the truth. I get you use every tactic there is including grooming and censorship to push your butthole religion. But your days are numbered and your deathstyle will be exposed as what it is, destructive, immoral and unhealthy.

Anonymous Fapper

Definition of ironic – Telling someone they are immoral while you are visiting a porn site

Anonymous Fapper

It’s perfectly normal for a guy to be attracted to women sexually.

Anonymous Fapper

That’s part of the problem! even game devs now (hate when they misuse English!)
M looks @ F: Called PERVERT;
F looks @ M: Normal, no big deal. [WTF?!?]
FYI folks, even ANIMALS have M & F, ALL ARE NAKED, & YES they look at each other (& do lots more lol!) Tell me you bad devs, Why is it ok for animals, but WRONG for humans?!?
Try using a dictionary sometime! To “PERVERT” is to twist, to make something what it was not meant to be. 2 look is NATURAL

Anonymous Fapper

God said if you lust after a woman you should pluck your eye out.

Anonymous Fapper

Confused deluded dork. Clueless knucklehead cowards like you simply just can’t handle the truth. Soft ass snowflake

Anonymous Fapper

2023. In your country is immoral use porn site?
Sorry for you.

Anonymous Fapper

Psh quit projecting ya patently pathetic pussy boy. Deluded weak minded dorks like you just love to absolutely embarrass yourselves. Nothin but a low IQ incel who genuinely can’t even look himself in the mirror or be honest with himself. Grow tf up faggot & go be a beta cuck bot somewhere else. Effeminate fuckin weasel

Anonymous Fapper

too many men support Feminists. (which are in reality, Anti-Male)
Look anywhere (even adult games! Double standards:
F walks in on naked M (seen as ok)
M walk in on naked F (seen as wrong) WTF?!?
CMNF: Very rare, hard to find;

Anonymous Fapper

you masturbate to Andrew Tate.

Anonymous Fapper

lol nice one

Anonymous Fapper

Generic faces, check.
Overused non-edited models, check.

I don’t know how someone can just push the 100% sliders on daz and be happy with the model they are using, laziness at its finest.

Anonymous Fapper

when can we expect your game to be released?


Good One.


Nice game brother, keep the updates coming, people will like it when there is a bit more content

Anonymous Fapper

Recovering to… Sussex?

It’s like a contest for the dumbest game name. Or maybe something from a random name generator? Google translate?

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

dude that’s pretty fucking obscure, I asked my wife’s boyfriend and he’d never heard of it either