Scarlet Law

In the land of Scarlet, there is a law that’s existed since its founding… The Scarlet Law. Every woman born into this country has a price tag placed on their heads. As long as they are single and of age, the Scarlet Law allows wealthy patrons from faraway lands to purchase and buy women within the country. As the protagonist, it will be your duty to save the girls by buying out their contracts before they are sold… Buy the girls and be the hero of the story…


Developer: JYP Games – PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Stripping, Harem, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Sandbox, Simulator

1. Extract and run.

v0.1.8 Part 2

  • 3 New H-scenes
  • Very long, weeby lore scenes that may make your cringe.
  • Small changes (e.g. background changes)

Content Changed

Changes the relationship between certain characters within the game. Changes some dialog/interactions within the game. This patch can be used for both Win/Lin and MAC. This patch is a “unofficial” and may break your game. Use at your own risk.

Patch Instructions

Drag file into game folder.

Rating: 3.1/5. From 89 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Interessant! )))


The game is modern fantasy. at first glance it looks like a modern world with cell phones and cars and the like
but then you notice your sister is going to wizard school instead of regular school, the police are muscle mages, and instead of doctors you have magic healers
The scarlet laws sound like they would cause an instant rebellion, that is recognized in world, they are backed by divine curse of an ancient god.
Overall an enjoyable game with lots of content

Anonymous Fapper

……but nothing to do derp!

Anonymous Fapper

fake harem game. the mc is a simp who has no sex drive at all. he “owns” all these girls but he is their slave. boring game and the rewards are terrible.

Anonymous Fapper

hu hu that insult is actually worse than the game teh two compliment one eachother

Anonymous Fapper

anon exaggerates. MC is a simp but he does have a sex drive and does have sex with his harem. basically simp power fantasy

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t know what y’all are bitching about. It’s a good game for a sandbox. Especially since it’s FREE.

Anonymous Fapper

I retract what I said before. The MC is a fucking dumbass. Like, I also hate ntr, but this guy is making stupid decisions. Pretty sure the DEV is a virgin.

Anonymous Fapper

lmao you all are dumbasses

Anonymous Fapper

Top 10 anime character development

Anonymous Fapper

Weird but funny game. I like it.