Suki Back to School

Start the semester right with Suki!

This free version of the game Suki Back to School comes with two poses, full control to rotate and move around the scene, and the ability to remove all clothing except the thong. Download the free program and play around with Suki!

The full version has 16 poses and full clothing removal options. It’s available now for just $2.50!

Suki Back to School Trailer

Developer: AsianGFModels – Itch | Gumroad |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: anime, asian, kawaii, waifu, japanese, school, schoolgirl, gravure

1. Open the zip file.
2. Copy “Suki Back to School demo” folder to any location on your computer (SSD drive is recommended).
3. Open the “Suki Back to School demo” folder that you copied and run “Suki Back to School demo.exe” (navy blue circle icon).

Android Device:
1. Downloadcopy the apk file to your phone.
2. Open the apk file in your phone’s Files app.
3. Select “Install”.
4. Google will warn about an unsafe app.* Select “More details” and then “Install anyway”.
5. Open the app “Suki Back to School demo”.

Instructions may vary by device. Search online for the exact instructions for you phone model. If you have a slower Android device and are getting low framerates, try using the “low-res” apk file instead.

*Android gives this warning because our app has not been published to the Play Store. Unfortunately, the Play Store does not allow adult apps like ours.

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