Scars of Fate

The story takes place in the planet Aethus V. Emperor Krux just issued an order to arrest former Blackgate guards. What that has to do with you? You are just another young man who has no concerns in life other than chasing girls and do nothing in a small town far away. Or some twisted plot lurks in the shadows that will change you and everything else around you?​

Developer: Silent77 – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist , Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Graphic violence, PoV, Sci-fi, Creampie, Handjob, Milf, Animated

1. Extract and run.


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Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Sorry.. Ugly models…

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

It’s an Indian movie reference.
Search katappa bahubali. You’ll get it.

Fap Mate

From Bahubali XD ??

Anonymous Fapper

lmao yeah with devasena

Anonymous Fapper

Maamma mujhe kyu mara….apko devsana ke sath guchi guchi karna tha ????????????

Anonymous Fapper

Has NTR for all of you soyboy cucks

Anonymous Fapper

Do people understand how momentous this is? We are witness to the single most insecure person to have ever lived in the person who posted above. The depth and breadth of existential fears exposed in a single 8 word sentence … I am in awe.

Anonymous Fapper

Its so sad that peoples real life is so sad that they feel betrayed when a character they think is themself in a f*cking game gets cucked. “Tell us you are virgin without telling us you are virgin”


Hey dude, thanks for the warning, i personally don’t like NTR so imma skip this.
But why u gotta talk shit about those who enjoy a fetish you don’t? let them enjoy games catered to them as we do for our favourite fetishes.
All ya gotta say is ” Heads up, NTR warning”.