Shagternate Reality

Shagternate Reality is a 3D adult adventure game with combat elements inside a fantasy environment.​

Developer: Piftee – SubscribeStar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D game, Animated, Combat, Male protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Deepthroat, Blowjob, Creampie, Big tits, Small tits, Teasing, POV, Masturbation, Monster Girl, Fantasy, Parody

Extract and run.


Many changes happened thanks to the player’s feedbacks, and some of them are my ideas.

Map and environment :
– The previous linear map has been changed to a more open world like with new areas to explore. You’re free to go anywhere now.
– Added Day/Night cycle. For now it’s just for visuals and sounds, but i’m planning to make enemies later that are dependent of the current time of the day.
– Instead of many safe camps, i made one bigger in the center of the map. The size and the look may change in the future.
– Teleporters still be can be found and activated to ease traveling. The roads signs will show the direction towards them.

Player :
– Added new gun for the player: M4. Made some small modification on the Glock and Katana too. I’m not weapon/gun expert, sorry if they’re not good enough.
– Added dash for the player with half sec invincibility. Useful for dodging enemy attacks if you activate it in the right moment. 2 seconds cooldown.
– You can teleport back to the safe base if you hold down the “P” button for few seconds. This is good if you’ve explored and looted a cave or something else, and want to get out there quickly.

Girls :
– Removed some older – not too good looking/or having issues – girls. Added new ones. I’ll try to us models that has as less problems as possible. Trying to fix body part or animations issues every time i make something is annoying and tiring.
– Made new sex animations, remade some older ones (wanted one more remake but the update was very late already). We have 11 scenes now total.
One scene is 4, at least 15 seconds (sometimes 27-28) varied animation for the girl and same for the male. Making just one scene with sounds added to them is time consuming (many days).

Collectibles, loot, enemies :
– Changed the kill counter to kill credits/coins. Eliminating enemies will reward you some random amount of coin (melee enemy less, ranged more), that can be used to unlock sex scenes in the base or to buy basic supplies from Jessie’s supply machine.
– Added lust potions that can be found all around the map. Along with with kill credits, it’s needed to unlock sex scenes in the main base.
– Lockpicks can be looted while traveling outside. Behind locked doors lust potions can be found along with other interactables. Made small improvements to the doors too.
– More lust potions and lockpicks can be picked up then you need, because i don’t want the player to search for the last lust potion forever. So, if you’ve unlocked all 11 scenes, and still have some potions, you don’t need those anymore.
– Medkits can be picked up now (up to 3) instead of using it instantly if you’re not full at health. This will help the player while fighting enemies.
– Many Glock and M4 ammo can be found around the map. The amount you get from them are much more then before.
– In the safe base there’s a small supply shop machine where you can buy ammos and medkit with credits. Very basic for now.
– The old enemy girl models that are not in the game anymore are removed, swapped with the ones. Worked on their AI too. I think they’re better then before, especially the ranged ones. If the ranged can’t see you for few seconds, they will come out from the cover, and will try to shoot you. Plus, on slopes they will rotate towards the player BUT, that rotation can be weird on stairs and very steep slopes. Sorry about that, currently i can’t make it better. I’m happy that at least they’re rotating.

Other :
– Added many new sex sounds, i’ve spent a lot of time prepare, cut and add them in the right moment.
– Added sounds for environments, player and weapons too.
– Added Keyboard Buttons to switch between Hold / Toggle run or crouch.
– Made changes to UI and texts.
– Made some optimization to make the game run better. I have an old pc (i5 2500k, GTX 1060 3GB) but it runs fine even with shadows on. If you have some older hardware i recommend turning off shadows in the controls/options menu. This will give you a lot more fps.
– I tried to SAVE stuff as much as possible for the player when exiting the game. If you’ve unlocked a sex scene or a door, they’ll remain unlocked if you come back to play again. Same with the loot.
– Bug fixes
– Please not that this is my first game ever i’m working on (since march 2023, with 0 developing knowledge). Many things that are obvious and easy for experienced developers are not child play for me. So if you leave feedback like what should be different, what is not right, will help me improve the game.
– If i forgot some changelog i’ll extend it later.

Rating: 2.4/5. From 39 votes.
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