Simple Days

Simple Days is a story based on simple days, just taking one day at a time… Your character is a young boy, who has just celebrated his 19th birthday. You will take control of his life… Finding his first job, girlfriend, dabble in the shady life, encounter awkward situations, and buy your first car etc. Maybe you will go after the money, or maybe you will study, or maybe just start a family. Do you want to make your character a standup guy, or have him join the dark side? It will be up to you. The game will give you the choice… But it is you who will decide what will happen. It will start with simple days, but as more simple days pass, the more complicated and colorful the story will become.

Simple Days Trailer

Developer: Mega Lono – Patreon | Discord | SubscribeStar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Romance, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Mobile game, Sandbox, Harem, Pregnancy

Extract and run.


Teodora – (requested by ChosenOne tier)
Teodora – new repeatable sex – DONE
Teodora – (took a lot of time to code and track all logic), now you have a second chance to have a second kid if you missed the opportunity when you had sex during the night. Call her when she is ovulating.-DONE
Teodora – can have 3rd kid (after you unlock her on the map) – DONE
Ema – new repeatable sex (vote poll choice) – DONE
Computer Office Info APP – now updated to be like home computer-DONE
Betty – improvement – she will come to work for you after you build the GYM. (before she could start working before you even hire Zara)-DONE
FIX the Computer Money APP – wrong calculations-DONE
Oliver salary reduced from 2000 to 1000 a week (it will be auto fix during sleep)-DONE
Fix – Moko, Maria and Naomi threesome – but Maria is not invited in the house – FIXED-DONE
Fix – Raj sells cheat APP (girls ovulation changer) for 25K but the screen notification shows incorrect only 20K – Fixed-DONE
Fix – New default kid names will be used even if you are using old save game (i did correct them but the old saves were still bugged).-DONE
Dora sex – improvement – she can get pregnant during the ovulation and it will not depend on extra random numbers-DONE
Love Level of the girls – fix – clean the code and correctly adjust the love level of each girl.-DONE
Find the Easter Egg #1 – lost wallet in Mohoro with 50,000 … you can have them, but you have to find it.-DONE



Teodora location is on the map of Mohoro and you can have repeatable sex (unlocked after you have lunch with her and talk about staying with her husband or not. The choice is not important for unlocking.
Tristy will start living with you in the new house.
I will release Android build of the game
Correctly showing the new house outfit in the Main Character Screen
Fix bug with Ema and swimming pool
Fix bug with Hanna info girls screen
Fix bug with Naomi in the new house – kitchen
Fix bug with Apply for Mayor and at end of the day MC return to the new house and talks with his dad (but he didn’t moved yet)
Fix kids gender in Girls info screen not match the actual gender. (After this update if you have any mismatched name, visit the hospital and change the name of the kid)
Hospital – more girls included to change the kids name.
UI girls info screen will have a second page
Home Computer Setup APP – you can change your name

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