Sins of the Father

The story revolves around a young man, named Mack, who has to come to terms with both his past and his future after having lost his father during a home invasion.

Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, BDSM, Corruption, Group Sex, Humiliation, Incest, Male Protagonist, MILF, Oral Sex, Teasing, Voyeurism

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Sins of the Father” to start playing.

As always I recommend a fresh playthrough with every new version, just to keep the story fresh in mind.
A hotfix usually requires a new playthrough as it usually involves me fiddling with variables and thus fucks up the saves!
Added 3 more days of ingame days.
Added one new character: Meghan, (M.D.) – yes you might actually be in need of a doctor this time around.
Added three other characters, but they won’t take any prominent roles in this version. You just meet them very briefly.
There are some images that are not used in this version, but they are very few (just a heads up to the extracter’s of images out there).

Rating: 4.0/5. From 416 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Good news is Kaffekop is doing better and may in the distant future may continue sin’s of the father. Fingers crossed because its such a good game. looking at late 2023 maybe.

Anonymous Fapper

He is just milking whatever patreons he has and has no intention of continuing the game. He keeps coming with one excuse after another

Anonymous Fapper

Fuck!!! I just started playing it and i knew about the Dev not working on it anymore but it wasn’t even close to a cliffhanger. Such a good game gone too soon. 🙁

Anonymous Fapper

I just read that Devs is gonna stop update this game. I want to say Millions thanks for the great game. Don’t give up take a break and come back again. This is one of my favourite games. You got the idea. Just don’t let all pressure bring you down. This will be last in my memory as a good game a good story .

Anonymous Fapper

News 29/07-2022
Dear all

It has been a long time since I have given you an update about what is going on and it is with a heavy heart that I write this.

Anonymous Fapper

I have for a long time stated that SotF would never be abandoned. Unfortunately I will have to break that promise. I have thought long and hard about it and I have come to the realization that it is time to throw in the towel and stop playing at being a game developer. My health, mental state and game development just doesn’t mix very well. Therefore Kaffekop will retire come August and this website will be cancelled some time during the month of August.