A slumber party can be extremely sexy for an older brother. Billie’s younger sister is having a sleepover, her friends are beautiful and hot. Billie can find happiness or a lot of problems tonight.

Developer: GlassesZombie – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Portuguese
Genre: Corruption, Teen, Dating sim, Visual novel, Adventure, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, 2DCG, Eroticism, voyeurism, Stripping, Big Ass, Big Tits, Virgin, Seduction, Big Dick

Extract and run.

  • Remake in the character design of Marie, Alice, Luna, and Rachel in all episodes.
  • Added the quick menu while navigating the game scenarios.
  • Savegame removed from pc.
  • New girls’ frames added.
  • Added music while navigating the game scenario.
  • New mechanics during sexual moments.
  • Rework in the first scene of episode 1.
  • Small changes in some scenes. (Speeches, expressions, etc …)
  • Correction of small errors.
  • The main screen has been redone.
Rating: 1.8/5. From 58 votes.
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What the hell is this trash heap landfill of a game? Since when did fucking grade schoolers start making art for porn games? I see some perverted child got a gold star in class participation with this garbage game. The art is terrible and everything else is an even more colossal shit pile. What a bullshit game.


man I enjoyed your game I would like to help you in the development
actively. have any way to get in touch?

Anonymous Fapper

can you make a x32 bits version

Anonymous Fapper

Can you get your computer upto date for 2010? Not even WoW has 32bit support.

Anonymous Fapper

seems the dev is hired some kids do all the artwork

Anonymous Fapper

beats his own kids into doing it

Anonymous Fapper

Assuming there are women so mentally damaged that they’d stick around long enough to let him knock them up, let alone to plop out and raise his horrible offspring.

No, I think the dev just raided a daycare centre and kidnapped a bunch of poor children before forcing them into drawing this ugly as fuck stuff.

Anonymous Fapper

anyone else think the minion slippers are the best?

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t know bro, I like those Stitch ones too… Pretty hard choice!

Anonymous Fapper

Lilo was one hot piece of ass – bet Stitch was pounding that on the regular. She is so much hotter than Dora.

Anonymous Fapper

Every day we stray further from God…