Summer Scent

It’s the beginning of summer. Jack is 18 years old and has just finished high school by graduating. He has a tense relationship with Eve, his “childhood friend” who seems to have disliked him cordially for a few years. Jack’s parents had left town for a week, Eve invites her best friend, Cassie, to join them. They have the house and the pool for them alone.

How Jack will handle the situation depends on you.​

Developer: The Naughty Captain – PatreonItch.ioGameJoltWebsiteDiscord | SubscribeStar | Trello
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Male Domination, Femdom, Romance, Rape, Handjob, Footjob, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Incest, Twins

Extract and run SummerScent.exe

Reworked the UI.
Added an achievement system.
Corrected some typo.
Corrected some render mistake.


  • Day 5 content is 1074 renders and about 87 850 words long. It’s twice the size of V0.4 which was already twice the size of the previous version.
  • I have completely scrapped the gallery. It was buggy and inefficient.
  • I also got rid of the credits page. More about that in the “What about the future?” part of this post.
  • I’ve reworked the save and load page but couldn’t go as deep as I wanted. It’s still a work in progress. As a consequence, the Save / Load interface will be a mess when it’ll come to display your old save files.

Content Changed

Incest content.
Eve is now Jack’s sister.


Patch Instructions

Find Summer Scent on your computer, then copy the ZZU.rpy file into the following game directory
PC: SummerScent/game

Rating: 3.7/5. From 226 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Please update!

Anonymous Fapper

a lot of women in heat , no sex , no vaginal creampies , no pregnancies
this is an adult game right ???

Anonymous Fapper

I had a blast playing this. You should really play it to uncover the story and see that characters aren’t like they look at first glance.

Anonymous Fapper

People play porn game to fap. Not to wait 8 years to see another predictable plot twist already seen in thousands of drama movies.

Movie ends in 100 minutes.
Series in 10 or 15 episodes. 1 episode per week. Or you watch the entire season on stream in few days.
And boring drama novels. In my country end in 100-120 days. 80-100 daily episodes.

Wait 5-8 years to get same story of series / novels / movies. Non sense.
(“amazing” plot twist = random dead or in porn game = forced dick fetish “surprise” again). Nothing new to be discovered.

Or dev work faster or all people abandon the game. And Dev abandon too.

Anonymous Fapper

I have played this a couple of times now, not sure if there any sex in this game. But the game from my view is a complete waste of time. None of the girls seem to like the MC in a romantic way. But anyway not for me, if I just wanted to read, then I would buy a book. But looking at a bunch of hot girls you can’t fuck is not my idea of a fun fantasy.

Anonymous Fapper

it’s fine, but kind of frustrating, due to the MC being an absolut ape with IQ less than 50. I don’t undestand why so many developers are obssessed with moronic MCs…
Another thing is that the choices have sometimes not a real effect and sometimes are simply extrem. Cassie’s path is a 0 or 100 case, which is a shame.
But anyway as i said all in all it’s not a bad game.

Anonymous Fapper

QI of Dev/writer = 40

Anonymous Fapper

this game already has 15 different paths and at least 6 give you Cassie in various state of “love” so I think you are the morron who can’t even activate the included walkthrough in the game options…

idiot. get your own IQ checked, I bet it’s below 30.

Anonymous Fapper

1 year – 1 micro update in 2 paths
12-13 dead ends
Fantastic milking scam

Anonymous Fapper

MFFF path exists?
Or olny gay pegging in MC = useless gay path
Or only gaygbang path rape = useless gay peep path

Or only another useless paths with almost zero porn content for male MC straight after 4 years.

Anonymous Fapper

1 update per year. Few story. Few porn. 30 paths without content.

Dev, Choose 2-3 paths, and create much more content per path. And many more updates per year.
At this rate, in 15 years, the game will be starting.