The story takes place in 1008 AD. Greenland is celebrating the departure of a seafarers crew to Vinland, a new land promising numerous riches to those brave enough to conquer it. The expedition is led by Thorfinn Karlsefni and his wife, a couple of rich merchants from Iceland, and accompanied by Eirik the Red’s children. You play a young peasant who initially came only to cheer on the heroes and who, through a (fortunate) chain of events, is enrolled into the crew to discover Vinland.​

Developer: HuitiemeGame – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: WIndows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Big tits, Vikings, Adventure

1. Extract and run.

+ Added possibility to name and delete saves
+ Continuation of Gudrid path → 349 renders ~1050 lines
+ Continuation of Freydis path → 340 renders ~1350 lines
+ 2 bonus scenes
– removed score board (was getting tedious)
+ fixed various bugs and typos

Rating: 4.0/5. From 129 votes.
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What main meu song? That so good


Menu i mean


If you are into vikings tale this is the perfect game for you. I know the site’s name is fap nation and this game is not a fap material (but agree this VN is good). The current version ends very fast. You can play two route mainly. 1 the cute and delightful red head’s route. 2 elegant and cunning blonde’s route. so when one route end play another. Also there is a 3rd route don’t agree to go with the crew and stay with your sister and brother GAME OVER.


* continuation

Blonde’s route is a little erotic ( NB : only a little compared to other) But I personally liked red head’s route it gives you more of Vikings feel. Duel on the ship, drinking and dancing with the crew, the read head is so cute when she blushes. The BGM on the game is good it really take you into the medieval period. When I played the game it really felt like I’m watching a good vikings movie. Hope the dev don’t abandon this game. Now the Dev is taking a break.

Anonymous Fapper

Thank you for mentioning about this game on the Summer’s gone comment section. After seeing your comment I downloaded this game nice, this was really nice Vikings stuff waiting for next updates

Anonymous Fapper

love the readhead.
red head, pale skin, huge tits.
also, i got to beat her and she liked it. perfect.

hope there will be some real viking-style action later in the game. if you know what i mean…

Anonymous Fapper

Could be better, I missed normal animated sex scenes, also controls over such action.

Anonymous Fapper

A 15 minute trash game with no content. This shit pile has probably less than 100 renders and zero lewd content. Game over after one minor event. What the hell did everyone play to rate this garbage game so high, because it wasn’t this. Ratings are bloated and backwards, it’s just a disaster. This piece of junk should be moved to something called flopnation instead.

Anonymous Fapper

Yea bruh, this was a waste of fucking time. I wanted to pledge but I change my mind, ima wait and where this shit will go first