Naruto: Shinobi Lord

This game gives you an opportunity to take on the role of a regular guy, who enters a Naruto world by a curious accident. What will happen to him in this world is only for you to decide! You’ll be able to interact with familiar characters, make story choices, what will have an impact on your game experience.​

Developer: Cats-creators – Patreon | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: 2dcg, big tits, creampie, female domination, group sex, male protagonist, milf, mobile game, oral sex, vaginal sex, virgin, voyeurism, anal

Extract to desired location and run game exe.


•Expand the storyline with Hinata (A -corruption)
•New scenes
•New animations
•Ability visualization work done

Rating: 3.6/5. From 109 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Does v4.0 save work on this? I have a v4.0 save, but every time that I load it, it shows “Time To Save” and after that jumps back to the main menu :-/

Anonymous Fapper

0.4 version belongs to the corruption branch. 0.5 to the branch of romance, in the game there are 2 main branches of the plot.

Anonymous Fapper

Should be renamed to Naruto: Cuck Lord. Awful game

Anonymous Fapper

Images. More dicks of NPCs than pussys. Male gay protagonist?

Anonymous Fapper

> MC: I got isekaied to naruto! I will steal hinata!
> Also MC: Masturbates while peeping at naruto fucking hinata. Like a cuck faggot

so much for being a bull and stealing someone’s girl

> Also MC: Submits to femdom
> All this shit is unskipable

Trash game for cucks

Anonymous Fapper

You also didn’t put “I’m a fucking moron and didn’t read, so I’ll complain about what I saw, with no actual context of what happened or why it is happening, and proceed to angry comment about a husband and wife having sex.” But don’t worry! By your logic, any porn or hentai you’ve jerked off to makes you a cuck. Because you’re watching couples having sex and getting off on it. Because why else play a porn game?

Anonymous Fapper

Overview: “make story choices, what will have an impact on your game experience.”​ Problably Dev can’t make a overview.Game have choices. Comics not. Big problem when useless DEVs try sell “Comics” as “Game”.

Anonymous Fapper

Graphics is nice but the game drags.. and sex is rare.

Anonymous Fapper

Update is kinda short but enjoyed it!