Unaware in The City

In Unaware In The City you take control of a 21 years old woman, barely old enough to drink, design her how you like and then dump her into the heart of a metropolis, known as The City! Decide who she talks to, what place she works at, how she performs her duties, the control is all in your hands… err hand.

Have fun with a dynamic world as conversations and situations change based on your choices, your physique, how you respond and your skills! Everything you do can have a ripple effect. Be prepared for a world that is as uncaring as the one we live in. People won’t always treat the main character nice or they may be really helpful, like helping her out of a dress whether she wants to or not!

Unaware In The City Trailer

Developer: Mr. Unaware Studios – PatreonSubscribeStarItchTwitterDiscord | YouTube
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, Character Creation, Female Protagonist, Mobile Game, Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Dilf, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Group Sex, Groping, Handjob, Humilation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Humor, Management, PoV, RPG, Sandbox, Side-Scroller, Animated

Extract and run.


Fixed a few small bugs.

Fixed a fame bug related to working in the Kevin’s Diner.

Few small tweaks.

Further streamlined stat/skill gains.




Multiple small tweaks, changes and optimization.

Some backstory balancing.

Added a search function to the traits in the character creation window. For example, search “lewd” to find all traits mentioning lewdness.

Added homeless version of Kinky Messenger & Lottery events, so after losing home, Jane can still get a job at the Kinky Nymph or unlock Halloween/Christmas costumes. Compatible with old saves.

Streamlined some (it will be a long process) of the stat/skill modifiers during scenes, so expect gaining more/less from them. It will open doors to the future features.

Added Force Holidays cheat that can enable Halloween/Christmas permanently. (EX only!)

Added Science Street with Hospital & University. It’s currently empty and there’s nothing to do right now, but Hospital will be added in v33 or v34.

Re-made animation of shower sex with Rick.

You can check Jane’s current partner in the stats window.

Your blood type will reset to random, as a preparation for upcoming bonuses in v33.

Since Shady Dealer quest got re-worked, UnLucky Charm bonus is reduced from 50 to 25 points.


Fixed some bugs & animations.

Fixed missing X-Ray in the Basic version in some cases.

Fixed NPCs’ dick sizes not updating.

Fixed a bug that could trigger bonuses/penalties for items/stats/skills/reps twice, so you could gain/lose more than intended. Sorry to ruin the fun, lads.


Some trait balancing.

Min-Maxer trait splat into 2 new traits (Lewder & Charmer), either LW or CH oriented.

Overdrive trait Movement Speed bonus moved into new trait – Overdose. v32a saves will get it for free.

Min-Maxer positive trait re-worked (8 TP) – If gained Charm, Lewdness or Luck, gain +1 point of the mentioned stat at the end of the day. Fixed amount, unaffected by any effects.

Added new positive traits:

Lewder (2 TP) – Lewdness loss at the end of the day is transformed into a gain.

Charmer (2 TP) – Charm loss at the end of the day is transformed into a gain.

Overdose (3 TP) – Increases Movement Speed by +5 for each Primary Needs buff active, up to +20.

Self-Taught (5 TP) – Doubles effects related to Lewdness while using the phone (watch porn, chill out), and related to Charm while using a mirror (brush teeth, train charm, try random stuff).

Team Player (3 TP) – Each day, gain +1 stat point based on the current flatmate – Ben (Charm) or Rick (Lewdness), if you chatted with them in their rooms.

Pleasant Odor (3 TP) – While working, low Cleanliness events have a 50% chance of not triggering.

Added new negative traits:

Dangerous Game (4 TP) – it will reduce LW, CH & LK by 1 point, if you didn’t increase them all within the same day.

Loner (3 TP) – Can’t have a flatmate.

Shut-In (4 TP) – Leaving home (or bunker, if homeless) drains 1 Energy & Cleanliness point every time an hour passes, due to stress.




Updated credits list.

Optimized main menu screen & loading locations.

Some small tweaks to UI.

Updated art of all necks.

Increased total movement speed by 8%. Enjoy!

Added a tip feature that has a chance of rewarding Jane with bonus money after work, making earning money easier. Different workplaces, backstories, stats, perks and traits affects it. For now only in the Kevin’s Diner.

Main menu screen shows info about the latest public & beta versions currently available. Requires internet connection.

Events that permanently removed Shady Dealer’s shop from the game changed. It’s compatible with old saves.

Jane can gain/lose Fame while working at the Kevin’s Diner, based on her performance at the end of the day.

Drifter backstory has it harder to pass Jack’s (Kinky Nymph) trial, while Slut has it a bit easier.

Added Duffle bag that is buyable from the clothes shop. It’s required to enter the gym and in the future for exposure events.

Sportswoman backstory starts with a duffle bag, but with less other items.

Added info to the Glossary about the Kevin’s Diner, Kinky Nymph & unique items.


Energy drink ability from the Sportswoman backstory moved to the new positive trait – Tireless. Existing saves will get it for free.

Second Wind (positive trait) – Once per day, if Energy reaches 0, it will instantly be restored to 25%.

Great Attitude (positive trait) – Chance to get tipped increased by +5%.

Succubus (positive trait) – Lewdness stat increases chance & amount of being tipped while working.

Bad Attitude (negative trait) – Chance to get tipped decreased by -10%.

Tip Magnet (perk) – Increases chance & amount of tips Jane gets while working.


Tweaked UI on Android.

Downscaled background art on Android (temporary).

Buying/selling traits requires double touch on Android. Single touch shows tooltip.

Fixed Quick Saving/Loading on Android.

Fixed X-Ray on Android.


Fixed a few small bugs.

Fixed character being stuck after loading a save from a different location.

Fixed clothes disappearing from the clothes shop.

Fixed error in the Jane’s phone after choosing Call Person option.

Fixed colors resetting at the character creation/hairdresser.

Fixed visual bug with traits disappearing after changing the tab during character creation.

Fixed hairs partially disappearing.

Fixed porn magazine event.




A bit more of the optimization.

Some small changes & UI tweaks.

Added pregnant belly cheat. If enabled, pregnant belly will be displayed at all times. Doesn’t affect gameplay in any way, it’s just a visual cheat.

Switched default screen orientation from right to left on Android.

Screen orientation can be changed in the settings on Android.

Added 3 game settings:

Animate Boobs. Option for weirdos to disable boobs animations.

Expression Sound Chance. It’s a % chance of playing the expression sound, so if you want to disable them, set it to 0.

Enable Holidays. If you don’t want to see stuff like Halloween, simply disable it.


Multiple fixes I forgot to note…

Fixed multiple handjob animations.

Fixed shoes’ art being cut.

Fixed some cheats not working correctly on Android.


Traits aren’t exchangeable anymore (positive for negative), but “buyable” instead.

Each Backstory provides different amount of Trait Points (TP) that can be used to buy traits, around 12-18 TP.

Buying positive traits costs TP, while buying negative traits rewards TP.

Positive traits cost 2-6 TP, while negative ones reward 1-3 TP, so you can start with multiple positive traits without taking a single negative one.

Currently traits can be bought only during the character creation. In the future, NPC will be added with buyable traits.

Half of unspent TP is lost.

Existing saves will lose all traits, but be rewarded with TP based on backstory. Some trait effects might still persist, though. Sorry about that.

Added 4 new positive traits – Adorable, Beautiful, Lustful & Naughty (related to Charm & Lewdness).

Record Holder perk now provides TP.


Multiple tweaks and fixes to existing character art, including clothes.

Updated naked art of all characters (except necks & heads).

Remade art of female lips 1-6.

Other character parts will be updated across v32 mini updates.

Added 3 female mole variants as a part of the freckles.


Removed both existing moan types, because they lacked many sounds to introduce new features.

Moans have 3 new types to choose from (shy teenager, slut in her 20s, wife in her 30s). Voice Actress is Miss Maia.

Moans are based on whether Jane is horny or not (normal & aroused variant) and if her mouth is open or closed, so around 20 in total per moan type.

Around 5 orgasm & 5 breathing sounds per the moan type.

Added female BJ sounds to the game. Around 15 sounds per moan type. Chance to play the sound is based on the animation speed (I’m experimenting here).

Facial expression sounds (aka emotes) during dialogues. 13 per moan type.

Same moan sound can’t play twice in a row.


Added Halloween holiday to the game.

Added Halloween decors to all outdoor locations.

Existing Halloween event (pumpkin clothes) have greatly increased chance of triggering during Halloween.

Holidays are based on your PC’s real clock. Halloween lasts from October 10th to November 10th.


I had to disable some unfinished v32 content, so I’m sorry if I overlooked something and you get to trigger it…

As with every major art update, expect glitches!

Rating: 2.9/5. From 83 votes.
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Full save?

Anonymous Fapper

Why you don’t hanve and lesbian path?


Add male protagonist option and fuckable lolitas pls

Anonymous Fapper

Let’s see here. Retarded “plot?” Check. Ugly as fuck graphics? Check. Shitty excuse for gameplay? Checkeroni. Female protagonist but literally the only option is to get raped/molested by ugly perverts? Checkers.

Mmyep…! looks like a tried and true loser of a game, folks. Definitely safe to skip this garbage heap.

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26 downvotes, and all he did was list the facts of the game and what it is

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People just can’t handle the truth.

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controls? can’t even do the first task

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Turn off auto save feature in the game settings.