SINHER is an adult side-scrolling pixel art adventure in the metroidvania and eroge genre. It takes inspiration from a multitude of games, most notably focusing on platforming and bossfights.

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Developer: ElliseArt – Itch.ioPatreon | Twitter | YouTube
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, animation, female protagonist, vaginal sex, bestiality, tentacles, monster girl, rape, adventure, fantasy, platformer, combat, side-scroller

Extract and run.

v0.32 Alpha

♥ Wrath/Ira has recieved several changes, most notably to phase 2 that alter how the fight is played:
• A new attack where she flies upwards off screen and summons a large skull which she smashes into the ground (lethal attack, but easy to avoid), breaking into pieces/additional projectiles to be avoided.
• The segment where her entire sprite spins into the air is reworked entirely. She will now spin along the walls instead- with a chance to start from either top right or left.
• Added a short animation before she dashes to give the player more time to react
• White outlines are added for her parryable attacks
• Added an electric animation around her hands when casting thunder
• Camera now locks when the fight begins
• Fireballs now travel faster
• HP increased from 40 to 50
• The boss door locking behind the player now accurately displays unlocked after the fight is over
• Wrath’s H-animation is now initiated by charming her after winning the fight and talking to Liber Umbrarum

♥ Hp Bar Reworked: Removed the portrait and created a thinner more sleek HP-bar, which extends when your HP increases

♥ Liber Umbrarum
• Fixed the angle on projectiles to reflect the direction they’re going in
• Changed the spawn point of the tentacle attack to be beneath the player
More changes to this fight are likely to happen

♥ Hearts that could be found across the map are now souls and will be absorbed if the player is close enough

♥ Death animation sprite that appears when killing enemies is also replaced with a new one to fit the soul-theme of the new “hearts”

♥ Updated Player Sprites The rest of the player character’s sprites have been updated to look more refined and polished to match the updated attack animations. (Run, Crouch, Jump, Fall, Charm)x2


Good to know before playing 0.32:
• Remember to use Parry when fighting Wrath. (Any attack or projectile with a white outline can be parried.)
• Gifts can be given to Lise to either increase, decrease or leave the relationship stat unchanged. As of now, you get a reward at level 3.

Known issues and bugs:
– Priority: Default keybind ( [E] ) displays when near interactables, despite being bound to a different key.
– Priority: Sometimes when getting caught by slimes the player is stunlocked in the animation even after getting out of it.
– Jump attacks are a work in progress and currently serve no purpose
– Darlissa may get stuck in the wall on the first boss if hit by projectiles while parrying with her back touching the left wall.
– Some enemies turn into other enemies when starting an H-animation. This is not intended.
– When wearing Lise’s Gift the regular jump attack displays the wrong animation.
– Souls keep flying if approaching them with an almost full bar.

I hope you enjoy this update and as always, thank you for playing! ♥
// Love Ellise

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Looks like a Nintendo game.

Anonymous Fapper

rage inducing. parkour with some exact annoying jumps. bosses have no defeat scene.

Worst of all, sh*t keys. You attack using ALT while moving with wasd so your fingers end up in a tangled mess

Anonymous Fapper

trash game. i just wanted a fap man

Anonymous Fapper

How do you beat the first boss???

Anonymous Fapper

Why beat?
Main focus is not lose to get porn?

Anonymous Fapper

key map sucks. dev should allow editing key binding.


It’s in the game already. I suggest downloading it from to make sure you are playing the latest version.