SINHER is an adult side-scrolling pixel art adventure in the metroidvania and eroge genre. It takes inspiration from a multitude of games, most notably focusing on platforming and bossfights.

Developer: ElliseArt – ItchPatreonYouTube | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, animation, female protagonist, vaginal sex, bestiality, tentacles, monster girl, rape, adventure, fantasy, platformer, combat, side-scroller

Extract and run.

v0.38 Alpha

♥ Rework of level 1: All ‘rooms’ in level one (dark cave) have been rebuilt in order to create a level that’s better designed with the player in mind.

 New environmental items;

• Doors made specifically for the Liber Umbrarum bossfight

• Breakable wall blocks that blend in with the environment to hide secret paths and items

 New enemy: The Shadow Eye. The purpose of this enemy is to introduce parryable projectiles before encountering the first boss. (Liber Umbrarum) Comes with one Hentai animation. (It’s second hentai animation will be in the next update as usual)

♥ Changes to the tutorial: Along with rebuilding level 1, the tutorial which is a natural part of it has also been changed (again, I know) to teach the player the basics in a non-invasive manner.

♥ New dialogue when talking to Lise in level 1

New enemy

New tutorial window


-Fixed an issue causing the player to not climb when pressing ‘up’ whilst standing by a ladder, also fixed another issue causing the player to get stuck when climbing down.

-The D-pad can no longer be used for climbing ladders (other movement isn’t bound to the D-pad so this made most sense)

-Brittle platforms now break much faster

-Names should now be easier to see whilst the dialogue window is open



Things to know before playing + known issues and bugs:

♦ Jump attacks are a work in progress and currently serve no purpose

♦ Darlissa may get stuck in the wall on the first boss if hit by projectiles while parrying with her back touching the left wall.

♦ Some enemies turn into other enemies when starting an H-animation. This is not intended.

♦ When wearing Lise’s Gift the regular jump attack displays the wrong animation.

♦ Sometimes when getting caught by slimes the player is stunlocked in the animation even after getting out of it. As always, thank you so much for any feedback and bug mentions, and as always you so much for playing!


v0.37 Alpha

♥ Graphics for keys (keyboard) has been added anywhere keybinds appear.
(Main menu, controls menu, pause menu, tutorial text and basically anywhere else you’d see key prompts.)
Graphics for button prompts have also been implemented for controllers in the same places where it applies.
Other key changes include:-Added effect for key prompt appearing when in a regular H-animation. (Button displays larger when pressed and eases back into normal size) Tutorial text has been aligned to the bottom center of the screen and keys now display at an intended distance from the text.
-“BACK” text and key/button prompts added to most menus where it applies

♥ New types of platforms!
– Brittle platforms
– Jump through platforms
These two have been added and implemented in temporary places throughout the first level in preparation for the level rework. (This means the entire level will be rebuilt as it’s not ideal at the moment, but the new platforms have still been placed in the level so they can be tested in this build.)

Other fixes: 
-Fixed an issue causing an overlap with the “RETURN TO MAIN MENU” text when selecting Controls from the main menu using a controller
-Added the option to climb ladders using the left thumbstick + additional fixes for ladders
-The door before fighting Wrath should now open and close as intended.
-New sounds for Infernal minotaur and chests
-Fixed an issue causing the ‘Controls’ page in the main menu to crash when configuring keys if a controller button is pressed at the same time

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