The Big Thaw

The basic story is that Fry needs to get thawed out so Leela can assign his fate. However there’s a world wide crisis at hand and Fry was defrosted early.

He will not only needs to get de-iced he will need to prove his worth as a breeding stud to save the human race. The story evolves in 2 phases first defrosting. Then he needs to demonstrate his sexual skills to convince Leela his skills can pay the bills. This game is about 15% finished.

We just got Fry thawed out yet. He still needs to get his sex monitoring chip and his package upgraded so he can impress Leela.​

Developer: Bruemeister – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Sci-fi

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “The_Big_Thraw.exe” to start playing.

Alpha 23

The beginning of the end
Leela’s ready to judge your performance and assign you the career you’re best suited for. Are you ready to be judged? Are you ready for eternal glory as Ambassador of Earthican Sexual Customs or damnation to the Soylent Sperm Extractor.
OK so I over sold that a bit as the end game games aren’t there yet. But you can get your score … well OK so it probably not the actual number yet. The numbers are a bit … inflated. As it worked out with all the “math” that the number you’re after is 10,000 which seems an unusual number to be your goal score. Should be 100 or a million. Details. The mechanics work.
I have an ask of you. Play up to get the ultimate job assignment. Right now Leela will let you reassess your performance whenever you like. That’s probably temporary. There’s also 7 possible job assignments. See if you can get her to offer them all. Eventually this will probably be a one shot thing but for the moment it’s re-playable just to get a feel for how it all works.
Or the end of the beginning

[ADDED] Leela’s job assignment scene.
[ADDED] Morgan bureaucrat story for Glory Hole.
[ADDED] Morgan tracking of denied orgasms for scoring.
[ADDED] Units for stats.
[ADDED] SIN Level on inventory screen.
[ADDED] Added “Pussy Chill” to Collared Morgan encounters for easier orgasm denials.
[ADDED] Capacity increase mechanic needs serious balance. Added a scalar to tweak it. f.CapacityRate. Needs cheat code.
[FIXED] Rand wasn’t offering all talk options in hallway.
[FIXED] Syntax error for variable inits in make.ks
[FIXED] Cryo milk party Milk-gasam wasn’t increasing sperm count as intended.
[FIXED] Fate milk party Milk-gasam wasn’t increasing sperm count as intended.
[FIXED] Medlab milk party Milk-gasam wasn’t increasing sperm count as intended.
[FIXED] Touching Leela’s boots zeroed affection and lust.
[FIXED} Leela giving $IN 5000 for every encounter. Nice, but wrong.
[FIXED] Cryo2 does use Leela and Randy battery.
[FIXED] Randy not offering all talk options in Cryo2
[FIXED] Randy not offering help when Morgan is too pissed to talk.
[FIXED] Leela affection too hard to build late game. Rebalanced.
[TODO] Cryo1 Milk doesn’t use battery.
[TODO] Finish Bukkake Administrator quest line. Need tie in with job assignments. (From Leela’s Eye/Sexy)

[PLAN] Endgame use cryo lab stock.
[PLAN] Endgame Amy’s mom catches her pregnant.
[PLAN] Endgame Train Randy to Pink Girl.
[PLAN] Endgame Is it really Sherri Gleisner in that tube?
[PLAN] Endgame meet the founder.
{PLAN] Endgame Hucow Leela.

Rating: 2.8/5. From 87 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Day Fakg

Anonymous Fapper

I showed this game to my cousin and he love it! He told me he hadn’t been able to cum since the car accident where he lost his chin, until now…

Anonymous Fapper

what happened to their chins?

Anonymous Fapper

have you never seen Futurama?

Anonymous Fapper

The Dev is trying to remodel Futurama’s art style in 3D.. In it’s original 2D art style (like Simpsons’) The characters don’t have chins.. When you show it in 3D, it looks horrible lol.


And that’s exactly why nobody cares about this hideous calamity.
More people are wondering what the hell it is than wondering if they should download it and develop eyesores.


Excuse me but what the fuck!

Anonymous Fapper

ugliest thing i have ever seen