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The Desire Within is a erotic choice-focused visual novel that focuses on romance and mystery. You’ll follow the daily lives of 3 neighbors when strange events studdenly start taking place in their apartment building.

Grace is a lone wolf who enjoys being alone more than anything. Not only is she a bit of a nudist, but she also has the mysterious power to sense other people’s sexual arousal and sometimes she even manages to share in the pleasure that people around her are experiencing. When a mysterious girl claiming to be a succubus suddenly appears in her apartment, Grace learns about another world full of demons that for some odd reasons seem to be terrified of humans. This mysterious succubus, Vivi, has somehow never heard of or experienced sex however and masturbation is a foreign concept to her. On a quest to understand humans and human behavior, Vivi wants to learn as much about Grace as she can. Grace allows Vivi to live with her because she knows Vivi won’t be able to pass as a human in this world without her help.

Zoe is a high school student who has trouble connecting with other people. The one person she can talk to without holding back is Vamp11, the nickname of a girl who received Zoe’s phone number from a friend. Vamp11 isn’t afraid to send nude pictures, but she always makes sure never to show her face. But what will Zoe do when Vamp11 starts making stranger and stranger requests? And will she ever find out this mysterious girl’s true identity?

Samuel is a teacher at a local high school who has received guardianship over one of his students, Karen. After his wife passed away, Samuel longed for new romantic companionship. A while ago he found that with Karen and their new sexual life is a happy one. But deep down Samuel knows a teacher-student relationship cannot last. If anyone finds out about them, they’d both be in deep trouble. And why does Karen seem to be getting more and more horny lately?

While all three neighbors are dealing with their own problems, a mysterious new problem will soon shake up all their lives. If their apartment building’s elevator only goes up to the 6th floor… how come there are actually 7 floors when you count the windows outside? And how come nobody seems to live on mysterious 7th floor?

Developer/Publisher: Bright Sun Studios – Patreon | WebSite
Censorship: None
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: masturbation, vaginal sex, boobs, sexting, lesbian

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TheDesireWithin.exe” to start playing.

Content Changed

With the patch installed Samuel will not only be Karen’s teacher, but also her father. Also changes Karen’s relationship with Samuel’s wife (who passed away before the start of the story).

Patch Instructions

Drop the incest.rpy file in the ‘game’ folder of the game. You do not need to start a new game for the patch to work.

Rating: 2.9/5. From 24 votes.
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