The Forgotten Island

Somewhere in the ocean, there is an island forgotten by everyone.
Filled with magic and mythical creatures, The Forgotten Island is fenced off from the rest of the world.
A mysterious fog protects the island from outside intrusion, but what happens when it begins to weaken?

In this RPG you have to take control of a lucky and skillful sailor – a young guy named Eirik.
As a result of a shipwreck, he was washed up on an unfamiliar shore.
Together with him, you will explore a new world and solve its riddles, charm girls and get out of trouble.

You will find a plot filled with humor and eroticism, the opportunity to assemble a party of strong and cute furry girls, battles, upgrades, crafting and a mini-farm, as well as, many, many interactions, both with ordinary girls and with furries!​

Gameplay involves some moving around 2D maps: gradually explore the world, you meet unusual characters and, talking with them, immerse yourself in the history of this mysterious island.

The game offers a dating simulation: develop relationships and get rewarded – sex scenes.
Defeat enemies to develop your character, craft items , complete quests. The game features a mini-farm and home improvement mechanics.

Developer: FoxTailTale Studio – PatreonItch | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English, Russian
Genre: rpg, jrpg, 2dcg, furry, Mobile game, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, 2d game, Humor, Farming

Extract and run.
Instructions for those who are transferring saves from older versions:
Go to the meadow to the Simen.

Dev Notes:
If for some reason the cancel button has disappeared on your Android device, tap the screen with two fingers at the same time.

Episode 4 (v0.4.24.79)

There is now a choice between eng and ru languages in settings
Revived Ulfa from those who had her dead (Just have a good sleep in Eirik’s house).
Forcibly respawned resources on maps
Fixed a translation problem with old vegetables
Farm mechanics now adapted to old saves
Fixed the scene on the bridge in old saves
Enemies in the swamps are now respawning (Available in Patreon build only)
Fixed problem with missing location-gates-C file.
Fixed the situation with incorrect WASD behaviour when arranging furniture in the house.

Rating: 2.4/5. From 15 votes.
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This is just a stolen game with some furfag bs instead of the original characters.

Anonymous Fapper

way to grindy I looked 45 mins trying to get the herbs then said forget it deleted the game. It’s not fun enough to waist that much time on. The fighting is one of the better that I’ve played other than that not much going for it. 1.5 stars the story doesn’t bring you in and the grind is way to much.

Anonymous Fapper

Why? Do you like fucking foxes? Like seriously why? Who are you people? Where do you come from? Just don’t plz, just plz don’t..stop while you still can…


Проблема не в людях вокруг тебя. Проблема в тебе. Абсолютно каждому наплевать чем занимаются другие люди ион делает что ему нравится. Пусть он хоть червей есть, хоть кактус, мне все равно пока он делает у себя дома за закрытой дверью. Больные люди- это те кто извращается как может и пытается это всем вокруг показать. Еще более больные люди- это те, кто охотится за первыми и вторыми со своими, никому нахрен не сдавшимися, осуждениями. Своим комментарием ты просто пытаешься привлечь внимание, которого тебе не хватает. Ты изо всех сил пытаешься доказать всем что ты один тут нормальный, но открою тебе секрет. Всем на тебя. Советую выйти из интернета и пойти погулять на улицу к нацистам, ЛГБТшникам, псевдо зекам и реальным зекам, “с улицы”, которые еще недавно были бастардами с севера, к пришибленным на всю голову наркоманам, уверенным что электронные сигареты безопасны, ну и конечно к проституткам…, ой, извините, инстаграм моделям. По твоему ведь это нормальный мир.