The Legend of the Hero of Edoriam

The Legend of The Hero of Edoriam

It is an RPG with NSFW erotic content made with RPG Maker MV. The game focuses on the theme of high medieval fantasy, with political intrigues, wars, magic, and everything one would expect from an epic fantasy setting.

Currently, it centers around the human kingdom of Edoriam, whose tragic and difficult situation has shattered the centuries-old peace, leading humanity into dark times. They will have to turn to ancient legends to confront the darkness.

This is just the beginning of the story, the initial contextual arc. As the development progresses, numerous areas, secondary and tertiary plots, and many characters from diverse backgrounds, personalities, and interaction possibilities will be added. The game world will expand beyond the Kingdom of Edoriam, featuring dozens of locations.


The game primarily focuses on netorase and corruption themes, with the possibility of expanding to various forms of netorare. However, there will be a wide range of fetishes, and the NTR aspect can be significantly reduced (even completely avoided). Some examples include male and female domination, monsters, sexual slavery, rape, prostitution, group sex, harem, sex combat, stripping, and much more. It will encompass all that a realistic medieval fantasy world can offer.

Community ideas will be welcome, and there will be voting for the implementation of certain fetishes, characters, and routes that are favored by the majority.

Thank you very much for reading, and good luck on your adventures!

The Legend of the Hero of Edoriam Trailer

Developer: Pyrthenix – PatreonItchDiscord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Animated, Ahegao, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Groping, Handjob, Interracial, Female domination, Male domination, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Monster, Netorare, Oral sex, Rape, Slave, Swinging, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyuerism, Adventure, Turn based Combat, Rpg, Fantasy

Extract and run.


-Added continuation of Main Story Mission (The Gleam of the Outcasts) (with new maps, scenes, interactions and choices).

-Added a Side Mission in The Suburbs (The Slums Cleanup) (with interactions and choices).

-Added main mission objective (Settling at The Wolf’s Den Inn) (with interactions, scenes and choices).

-Added main mission objective (Shadowmere Guards’ Suspicions).

-Added New Main NFSW Netorare Event (Fucking in the alley while the protagonist is shopping, almost next to him…) (with variations according to corruption and fidelity levels and choices).

-Added New Secondary NFSW Netorare Event (Daring invitation…)

-Added New Professional NFSW Netorase Event (Should I… do what he asks, my l-love~…?) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).

-Added New Professional NFSW Love Event (Doing it raw and hot in the bathrooms dressed as a maid…) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).

-Added New Main NFSW Vouyeur-Exhibitionist Event (Spying on the beautiful and hot redhead female elf… (Sharing Couple)) (with variations according to choices).

-Added 163 NSFW CGs.

-Added +11750 new words.

-Added +20 SFW images.

-Added 10 NFSW animations.

-Added New Professional NFSW Netorase Event (Letting them touch your wife in exchange for a generous tip…) (with variations according to corruption level and choices).

-Added New Secondary NFSW Netorare Event (Hot and suspicious encounter…)

-Added New Main NFSW Vouyeur-Exhibitionist Event (Are you enjoying the show my wife is putting on…? (Sharing Couple)) (with variations according to choices).

-Added New Secondary NFSW Netorare Event (Receiving the wife, as she arrives sweaty and hyperventilating…)

-Added partially Remake NSFW scenes (Netorase and Netorare with Dagwick and Stiletto).

-Added new NSFW male character (Daring Tavern Customer).

-Added new NSFW female character (Horny Redhead Elf (Sharing Couple)).

-Added new rank to the Wife Corruption System (1 rank) and image by rank (1 image).

-Added new rank to the Harem System (Adara) (1 image).

-Added new rank to the Reputation Subsystem (1 rank) and image by rank (1 image).

-Added new characters:

Several nighttime clients (+4) on the first floor of The Wolf’s Den.

Tarnir, The Master Chef.

All of them with new sprites and interactions.

The Old Wolf, Reginald’s new sprites for nighttime.

-Added major update to the Waitress Profession and Waitress Interface:

Added several images to show the wife’s condition as she carries and delivers the orders (+5).

Icons and images have been added to show what the current order is, so that the player is aware at all times.

Internal improvements and some corrections have been made, adding new sounds, as well as improving the fluidity and appearance of the interface and the profession mechanics.

New NSFW professional events have been added.

-Added new area (The Wolf’s Den (Bedrooms)), with new sprites, interactions and new events.

-Added new area (The Wolf’s Den (Restroom)), with new sprites, interactions and new events.

-Added a New Gameplay Option to the menu:

Now the player can switch between four combat speeds (normal, fast, faster, and maximum). This will allow them to decide the speed at which they want the combats to unfold.

-Updated NTR (Affairs) interface:

Added new relational level NTR with Aron, achievable when the Affairs (NTR) with him progress sufficiently, leading to a deeper level of relationship between him and the wife, in addition to the continuation of the Aron NTR Path.

Added new rank icon and interface improvement.

-New Faction Banners added:

Banner of The Kingdom of Edoriam and Royal House (The Golden Phoenix).

Banner of The Magic Academy and the Circle of Wizards (The Sorcerer’s Hand).

Banner of The Shadowmere House (The Basilisk, Lord of the Snakes).

Banner of The Brotherhood of the Fang (The Wolf, Guardian of the Pack).

-Ember of the Hall of Primordial Ashes updated (The High Knightly Order [Deluxe-Cheats Edition]):

Added “Artisan Embers” which allow opening the crafting interface, enabling the crafting of professional items anywhere. They can be found in the Knowledge Section.

-Added new interaction: Sleeping in The Wolf’s Den.

-Added new interaction: Getting up in the middle of the night.

-Added new interaction: Go Shopping.

-Added New Nighttime Mechanics to The Wolf’s Den, now causing customers to either leave the tavern or go to sleep in the inn section at night, in addition to the tavern staff, and allowing for various nighttime interactions, including story events and NSFW content. Additionally, the lighting has been readjusted in those areas according to the new mechanics.

-Improved and updated WorldMap (Kingdom of Edoriam and surroundings):

Added Southwest Volcanic Island: AshRock Island.

Added new tilesets and sprites, among other graphical improvements.

Added main roads (stone) and secondary roads (dirt), which now connect to each location.

Added new locations on the map, such as a new tavern/passing inn and a new village.

Player movement speed on the World Map has been halved.

Orcs after the cleansing of the Orc Den will be less frequent and less numerous in the north-western part of the Kingdom.

-Added new NTR clue.

-Added Items Quest:

Advanced Rat Poison (Safe).

Common Rat Poison (Dangerous).

-Some lines of dialogue from events have been modified and readapted.

-Fixed bug with the appearance of NSFW scenes for the profession (Waitress).

-Fixed bug in room change events and mobility.

-Fixed and improved some images.

-Some minors bugs fixed and small additions.

Rating: 2.4/5. From 50 votes.
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