The Legend Of Yashi

It is night time, the main character is having open sex with his wife for the thrill of it! But after he finished, he was stabbed in the back by his wife…….
This was not the end for the main character! He had reincarnated into a woman’s body and he was in a prison cell and had another surprise!
To find out what happens play the Game!

Developer: One Heroic Man Studio – Patreon | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Animated, Female Domination, Female Protagonist, Futa, Futanari, Gender Bender, Harem, Transformation, Virgin, Yuri, Golden Shower, 3DCG, Lesbian

1. Download
2. Extract to desired location
3. Run Game.exe

Skip Battle/One Hit Kill: Bottom Corner of Prison (Prologue)


Added Gallery
Fixed Spelling mistakes
Fixed bug that allowed to go through map
Fixed other small bugs
Completed Chapter 4
Added more settings to game
Started using Visustela plugins

Rating: 2.6/5. From 45 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I have a severe suspicion that developer is underage. weirdly done animations, moaning menus, asinine story and events, plethora of bugs – surely an adult would not be naive enough to believe that someone will actually like this product?

Anonymous Fapper

if u say it 10 tymes fast the horny police jump out of your screen to choke u

Anonymous Fapper

Fix the sound! I get full volume all the time!

Ha, ha


Anonymous Fapper

It’s cause of the male turning into female right but i heard the developer is gonna change that in the next update