The Void Club Management

Welcome to the void club! You’ve been hired as the new manager, your job will be to make sure the club is making money as well as to take care of the girls in the club. You are working under the Master, he is the one going on mission to bring back babes from every universe to make sure the club provide the best of the breast. As he come back from missions, you will have the opportunity to integrate the new girls to the club (At the end of the chapters stories(you can find them inside this game or the other game), you’ll find a code that you can enter in the void gate to integrate a new girl and maybe other stuff, objects or events). You’ll have enough time to enjoy the company of our selection of sex slaves, but make sure you work on the club prosperity, if you want to keep your job!​

Developer: The Void – PatreonNewgrounds
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Other GameThe Void Club
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Slave, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Dating sim, Management, Parody, Oral sex

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 2.8/5. From 93 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Fuck sylvanas


Don’t play this shitty game. U spend 95% of it grinding to raise endurance or not be fired and 5% on talking to the girls aka doing minigames for an average sex scene

Fuck it



Anonymous Fapper

where are the saved game files

Anonymous Fapper

in the save folder, dumbass


You play as a retard who sells himself into slavery for an empty title. You do not own the club, you do not own the slaves you captured. Instead you are an employee of the club, you are CALLED overlord/master but the club starts with 0 slaves and 0 equipment. Go on slaving missions, capture slaves, whore them out, spend YOUR money on upgrading the club you do not own. Customers fuck the slaves, you on the other hand have to seduce them because you do not own anything.


To acquire slaves you go play other games. specifically the “chapters” which are not actually chapters as they are non sequential. They are just worlds of fiction that you go to on slaving missions. Succeed in those chapter games and you get a password to input in the main game to import the slaves acquired there.

Anonymous Fapper

kinda shitty business model, the last time i played there was no carry over or anything between the different chapters


So basically. Go on life threatening missions, invest your own money, and build a startup from nothing… all for an empty title. You are truly the ultimate cuck in this game