Total Seduction

It is a real time sims-like rpg game with quests, char. building and main story line.

Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Mike Velesk – Patreon | WikiWebsite
Platform: Windows
Language: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
Side StoryStress Relief Commision
Genre: 3D game, Animated, Anal sex, Bestiality , Female protagonist, Incest, Male protagonist, MILF, Pregnancy, School setting, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Mind control, Groping, Futa/trans, Lesbian, Sex toys, Rape, Sleep sex, Corruption

1- Extract to desired location.
2- change the desired (unmodded, modded exp cheat or modded exp cheat+super regen) .exe to “TotalSeduction.exe”
3- Click on “TotalSeduction.exe” to start playing.

If the game crashes:
No restart! Copy log.txt file out of game directory to save it.
Send this log file to develoer per email or pm.
Then you can restart the game.

Rating: 2.9/5. From 126 votes.
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