Tower of Trample

Tower of Trample is an ongoing game about saving your friends from a bunch of vicious villainesses. They will stop you with their wicked femdom-oriented wrestling moves. You will stand against their despicable humiliation and fight your way to the top of the tower.

Developer/PublisherBo Wei
Wiki: Tower of Trample
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Big ass, Female domination, Male protagonist, Humiliation, Handjob, Footjob, BDSM, Big Tits, Fantasy, Corruption, Mind Control

1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


– Adjusted combat UI to take less space and show more statuses
– Inflated version number due to a publishing flub by Bo (lol)
– Fixed some contextual skills (eg. Swan stare) not going first
– Slightly reduced lag from some VFX (still investigating)
– Various typo fixes

– Added bonus rewards upon certain milestones
– First Victory/S-Rank against most foes (EXP)
– (Dr. Swan is exempt as she is not a villainess)
– (Old saves will need to redo S-ranks due to new tracking)
– Various optional events
– Redeem Lily (EXP)
– Karen “Good End” (Full Level)
– Complete Claus Maze (Full Level)
– Escape The Crow (Resolve Skill or Full Level)
– Jessica Mirror Fix (EXP)
– This should normalize levels and reduce grind somewhat
– Early floors may need buffs to compensate
– Balance feedback is always welcome

– [Grab Block] is now learned at Level 2
– Meant to introduce milestones, shouldn’t affect progression
– Also increased skill book cost to avoid accidents

– [Blaze Palm] is now learned at Level 5
– Shouldn’t affect progression due to milestones
– Can now crit (and still has an 80% damage variance; YEET)
– Will probably regret/retune this, but enjoy for now!

– Added [Focus], learned at Level 10
– Buffs ATK for next attack, stacking up to 3 times
– No time limit, but only works for one attack
– Lost when restrained (Stun, Grabs, etc.)

– [Insulation] tooltip adjusted
– No longer claims blanket stun immunity
– All stuns it doesn’t cover now use a different icon
– Please report any missed cases

– [Prayer] now heals a mix of flat and % Max HP
– Up to 100 HP at 100 TP
– Up to 60% Max HP at 100 TP
– Now has 4T Cooldown

– [Tide Wall] now buffs DEF for its duration
– Same stacking as Blue Potions

– [Mist Clone] code is now less janky, also adjusted balance
– Fix: Prevents damage outright rather than zany DEF trickery
– Fix/Buff: Now preserves Guard, Grab Block, and Insulation duration
– Nerf: Cost increased to 40 TP

– [Last Laugh] adjusted
– Buff: ATK increased to 30 (from 20)
– Buff: No longer affects AGI (mostly relevant for Potion speed)
– Fix/Nerf: Now properly slows all attacks
– Some otherwise-swift (eg. Ember) attacks may no longer go first
– [Twin Punch] and Defensive/Contextual skills still always go first
– Please report any jank (most likely with counter or contextual moves)

– [Abyss Strap] buffed
– Now ensures minimum 25 TP at battle start
– Now increases AGI by 20%
– (Still Preserves TP above 25 and has its hidden effect)

– [Duality] buffed
– Now also increases TP gain from damage taken
– (Still boosts TP upon failing QTEs)

Abyss Tent (Jessica)
– Fixed Jessica saying you defeated her too early
– Fixed slave outfit not properly influencing some text
– Fixed room objects counting as scene when resisted
– Fixed room objects audio balance

– Meeting Jessica now only requires unlocking 6F
– (ie. defeat Lily once and go down any stairs)
– (You no longer have to actually enter 6F)

– Minor submission route adjustments
– Surrender truncated prior to first submission scene
– Submission scenes are now easier to trigger
– Only requires Inverted Space to have been used, not active
– No longer cancelled when Surrendering
– Must still be wearing Jester Set
– Adjusted bare foot room scene unlock
– Must lick feet or socks three times
– Can be from surrender or loss service
– May need to be re-unlocked due to new tracking
– Made mirror shards more obvious in Mirror Room

– Minor combat balance adjustments
– Slightly nerfed ATK and DEF at levels 1 and 2
– Level 3 has same stats as 1.16.0
– Jessica no longer has artificially low AGI
– 25/35/45 at levels 1/2/3
– Be careful on her counter turns!
– Ballbusting attacks now deal fallback %MHP damage
– 5% MHP per kick for multiple kicks
– 30% MHP for knee strike
– Still uses ATK/DEF formula instead if that result was higher
– Final damage is still affected by Guard (ie. 2.5%/kick or 15%/knee)

– Adjusted arousal (heart debuff) in battle
– Seduction is now less of an automatic loss
– Fix: No longer applies debilitating Swan debuff
– Nerf: No longer automatically applies a heart stack
– Nerf: Heart stack increases much less quickly during animation
– Buff: Breaking seduction now requires a QTE, however
– Sniffing her pits/soles can now be avoided (QTE)
– Added potential heart stack to her Scissor/Thigh holds
– Maxed stack now results in cum loss
– Similar effect of holding pantyhose
– Mostly flavor change as max stacks was already deadly

– Added some combat variations to Jessica
– Added some flavor text to Ballbust attacks
– Added additional flavor/qte to Armpit and Face Trample
– New Heavy Attack after room panties scene
– New Scissor hold followup after room panties scene
– New Thigh hold followup after room trample scene
– Various aesthetic tweaks

– Added combat variations when mind-broken (her slave and in outfit)
– Ballbust can now loop up to ~20 kicks
– Seduction can occur earlier and requires QTE to decline
– Different oufits cause a different penalty
– Sissy/Clown/Cowl = cannot stop looping ballbust
– Puppy = cannot decline seduction
– Gimp = cannot resist pit/sole sniff

– Added some scene replay to Jessica’s [Talk] after full submission

– [Invisible Silk] will now always drop on first S-Rank
– Should help telegraph that it’s in the drop pool
– (Drop rate otherwise unchanged)

– Added [Cloud Bandage] and [Abyss Bandage] to crafts
– Essentially potions that purely restore % Max HP
– Will be more effective than Potions A/B at high levels
– Potions A/B remain more effective at low levels

– [Jester Shoes] text change
– AGI reduced to 101
– Aesthetic change only (you’ll still out-speed Jessica)

6F South (Swan/Crow)
– Fixed materials not being consumed when upgrading Fume Hood
– Fixed crash when licking The Crow’s boots via Omega potion
– Completing the Fume Hood now requires consulting Swan
– (Due to potential early Copper from Jessica)

– Nerfed The Crow’s fortify/sharpening bonuses
– Bonuses are now soft capped based on her EX level
– Initial cap (ie. before escaping) is 10 at EX 0
– Bonuses beyond the cap decay by 1 each night
– Scaling reduced to 2% per point (from 3%)
– Bonuses can now be reset after reaching 1 Flame
– Accessed via Sword/Armor piles above her booze



– Fixed Jessica giving no EXP
– Fixed conditionals for Jessica room objects and combat moves
– Fixed getting additional Pantyhose from room scene
– Fixed frozen black screen upon loading
– Attempted fix for crash in seduction moves (Blowjob, Breast Smother, etc.)
– Fixed exiting mirror room prematurely
– If you left early, lose during Inverted Space again to replay the sequence
– Fixed equipping Jester Set outside of Jessica’s floor
– Fixed unequipping Jester Set on her floor while her slave
– You can still remove it by leaving and come back
– Fixed crash after crafting Last Laugh
– Fixed Surrender not dealing enough damage
– Fixed incorrect image in room Panty scene
– Fixed Jessica super move being unstoppable in Inverted Space

– Jessica will no longer re-Invert at high hp
– Invert can no longer be “skipped”
– Polished and adjusted a few of Jessica’s moves
– Reduced duration of Inverted Space
– Increased Invisible Silk drop rate
– Increased EXP from The Crow

– To meet Jessica:
– Enter Floor 6
– Walk back downstairs and speak with Gerald
– Most of Jessica’s sub path requires beating her twice
– She will unlock a new move (Inverted Space)
– Losing to that move progress her sub path
– She has other neat stuff.
– Special thanks to 991J for many icons/sprites in this update!

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Anonymous Fapper

Best Femdom Game

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porn games / f2p / good quality

Pick two.

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Anonymous Fapper

Sorry. What was changed in 1.15.3?

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

And what was crushed in 1.15.3?

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Anonymous Fapper

Game is gay. You get fucked and pegged in your ass……
We should be able to fuck each and ever one of them. I like femdom but not this gay shit lol

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Anonymous Fapper

i can understand that you get fucked if you lose, considering what this girls are is logical, but if you win why we can’t do nothing to them and why they are still talking to you like you are nothing? i mean, bicht, i recently kick your ass, i made you my slut in a fight, at least show a bit of respect to the one who beat you, and as i said, they tecnically rape you if you lose, why we can’t do the same when we win? all i’m saying is that this game have a lack of logic in some thing