Triple Ex

In Triple Ex you follow Jake Miles. After his life finally returns to a sense of normality, recent events on the opposite side of the world will once again throw his life into turmoil. Follow him on his adventures and discoveries as he struggles with family, emotions and to protect the people he loves.

He had it all… A career he loved and a family he loved even more. With a split-second decision he lost them both, along with his freedom.

Developer: Azrayal – Patreon | SubscribeStar | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Incest, Anal sex, Big & Small breasts, Creampie, Humor, Oral sex, Romance, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Lesbian, Mobile game, Graphic violence

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TripleEx.exe” to start playing.


The story continues
323 new storyline images

Rating: 3.4/5. From 384 votes.
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is there a patch?
see a incest tag but there isn’t any in it, all seem to be adopted or some other crap.

Anonymous Fapper

Wow, something not playing up to the woke PC brigade. It’s nice seeing something written in English (OK Scottish) and a lot of British terms used in the writing, shame about using left hand drive vehicles as they are very rare over here.


here is a fun fact. the mc’s dick get smaller the longer the game goes on

Anonymous Fapper

In the end, the sister will implant a dick. And MC will cut his dick.
Trans MC to FMC
Trans sister to “brother”



One of the greatest games of that kind ive ever played with the way it sucks you into the whole story, im really looking forward to more content since i played the whole story through in 3 Days. Its like im addicted to it xD

Anonymous Fapper

I am more fast. 30 minutes skiping a lot in boring story.
Sexual is boring too. Crap non erotic writing. Average animations.

Clearly “feminazi writer”. Make the MC a pathetic kid of 12 years old in a body of 40y old guy.

Anonymous Fapper

The guy saying you won’t get cucked is completely false. This game is pretty much NTR/swingers game spruced up in incest. Even while making the best choices in the game the MCs sister still fucks every girl on the game along with him. So in a way the devs must really want this to be a female protag story more than a male protag story.

Anonymous Fapper

Skipable. Not avoidable.
I have zero interest is sister and maid. Then no problem to me.

But i have few interest in other ugly girls. Then i stopped. After avoid more than half of girls.

Ingrid. The Blonde. And 1 asian girl. Hot girls. But other girls. Nope.

And the story. Boring too. Pathetic MC. Cheap “daily novels” story. Dev pushing feminazi girls to player. Lol. Big nope.