Truecalling is a medieval fantasy game. You play as male elf character who tries to survive in the capital city called Klimmore. Will you survive the harsh world and help your family rise against the corruption or will you succumb to the harsh reality of this world? The game offers four distinct routes: Alpha Route , Vanilla Route , Feminine Route , Submission Route . Each route features unique scenes.​ (more routes will be added in the future.)

Developer: Luna Production – Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux | Browser
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Ai cg, Alpha, Domination Content, Sharing, BDSM, Power Play, Netori, Harem, Romance, Love, Vanilla, Cuckold, Sissification, Trap, Netorare, Cumplay, Monster girl, Swinging, Text based, Real porn, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Interracial, Handjob, Anal sex, Group sex, Rpg, Sandbox, Male domination, Female, Gay domination

Extract and run.


1. More Typo fixes namely $playerName fixes to actual name given.(I’m sure there are more but fixed those that I found)
2. Maedhro and Alariel activities were avaivable at night which messed with how time works now fixed.
3. Maedhro bathroom fix.
4. Inledya Bathroom bug fix.
5. Inledya Blowjob unlocks in the living room before the event.
6. Inledya bathroom interactions now give corruption
7. Fixed time not passing when interacting with inledya in the masculine routes
8. (Maedhro straight scenes need to be done replacelinks and images)
9. Corruption Point gain from All BJ secens fix
10. Maedhro bathroom fix.
11. Maedhro activities night, Alariel activities night not avaviable (breaks the day counter if they are).

Big Changes:
Redone the whole Notepad Hint system. (Every quest is made more clearer to the player)
Redone the whole story telling. Added around 400 new images to exsisting scenes.
Redone the Dreams. Every route has its own dreams that get more itense as corruption grows (total: 84 dream scenes)
Added first Map to the appartment for better understanding where characters are and for better navigation around the appartment.
Visual Changes to the game.
Added better hints to quests.

1. Changes to the storyline scenes. New machanic that helps with imersion to the stoty
2. Added a midway point to the game. Starts with 0.5 content.
3. New map added into the hallway. Makes it easier to navigate.
4. Added characaters to the Map, now can be seen where everyone in the appartment is on different times.
5. Visual changes: UI bar, Story scenes, Interaction scenes, notebook.
6. Added choices to the new scenes extra options. Like where to finish. So some sex scenes have different endings depending on player choices.
7. Added more dream scenes.
8. Dream scenes gradually change depending on corruption and the route that the MC is on.
9. Added hints to each quest so it should be cristal clear what to do next.
10. Made the moving around the appartment much smoother
11. add go back to hallway in every room (now returns to house map)

1. Thalia Story 3|
2. Thalia Story 4|
3. Thalia Story 5|
4. Cecily Story 8|
5. Rowena Story 1|
6. Rowena Story 2|
7. Zog Story 2|
8. Zog Story 3|
9. Zog Story 4|
10. Phillipa event 5|
11. Phillipa event 6|
12. Midway point Intro scene.

1. Rowena Chatting/Hypno|
2. Rowena BJ Mascs| Hypno|
3. Working in blacksmith2|
4. Working in blacksmith3|
Note: Interaction are last thing that I do. So I will add as many more as I can before the versions release. Also next update 0.6 will be all about interactions.

Rating: 2.7/5. From 78 votes.
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