Truecalling is a medieval fantasy game. You play as male elf character who tries to survive in the capital city called Klimmore. Will you survive the harsh world and help your family rise against the corruption or will you succumb to the harsh reality of this world? The game offers four distinct routes: Alpha Route , Vanilla Route , Feminine Route , Submission Route . Each route features unique scenes.​ (more routes will be added in the future.)

Developer: Luna Production – Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux | Browser
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Ai cg, Alpha, Domination Content, Sharing, BDSM, Power Play, Netori, Harem, Romance, Love, Vanilla, Cuckold, Sissification, Trap, Netorare, Cumplay, Monster girl, Swinging, Text based, Real porn, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Interracial, Handjob, Anal sex, Group sex, Rpg, Sandbox, Male domination, Female, Gay domination

Extract and run.


1. Fixed an issue where porn comic would not show up.
2. More typo fixes.
3. Fixed an issue in working in blacksmith didn’t give strength

1. A WHOLE NEW ROUTE (submission route is it’s own thing)
2. New place: The Park.
3. New Character: Thalia
4. Thalia added to the notebook
5. Rowena added to the notebook

1. Philippa Story 4| the war, orcs are bought in Writing
2. Alariel story 7| Study partner. Writing DONE COMPLETED
3. Thalia story 1| What is this? Supporting the war effort?
4. Thalia story 2| Reward for supporting the war effort.
5. Cecily story 6| following the drug dealer.
6. Cecily story 7| events finding something vital.
7. Inledya story 8| Inledya kitchen.
8. Inledya story 9| Park, unlocking sale job.

1. Thalia Supporting the war effort
2. Alariel Study partner. (bj) mon,wen,fry,
3. MC Selling drugs at night cheap price
4. MC Selling drugs at night normal price
5. MC Selling drugs at night expensive price
6. MC Drugdealer every Sunday paying off
7. MC Drugdealer every Sunday not enough money
8. Inledya BJ kitchen 3 variations Fem/Rom route (starting if rel 9).

New NTR story scenes.
1. Maedhro intro scene.
2. Cecily intro scene
3. Inledya unlocking HJ
4. Inledya unlocking Oral

New NTR Interaction scenes:
1. Inledya Bedroom HJ 3 variations.
2. Inledya Bedroom Oral 3 variations
3. Inledya Kitchen Landlord visits BJ/Sex (starting if Inledya Rel 9.) 5 variations
4. Inledya Livingroom Landlord visits BJ/Sex (starting if Inledya Rel 9.) 5 variations

New Submission story scenes:
1. Maedhro intro scene.
2. Cecily intro scene.
3. Introduction to Blacksmith (HJ) scene.
4. Stepping in for Inledya/Landlord (BJ) scene.
5. Getting used in backalley maedhro stroryline (BJ) scene.
6. Cecily story. MC gets affected by the pill and gets taken advantage of…
7. Cecily story. Talking to Cecily about what happened.
8. Cecily story. Meeting the drug dealer in the bathroom.
9. Alariel story. Study partner event.
10. Cecily story. Getting pills for Cecily.
11. Maedhro story. After the event in backalley.
12. Cecily story. Getting it on with Cecily.
13. Alariel story. Talking to her in her room.
14. Alariel story. Library event.
15. Alariel story. Bedroom study partner event 2.

New Submission interaction scenes:
1. Get a pill for a BJ 3 variations. (Academy bathroom)
2. Maedhro BJ sessions 3 variations.
3. MC Alariel study partner BJ sessions 3 variations.
4. Inledya Kitchen BJ sessions 3 variations.
Inledya Living room BJ sessions 3 variations.

Rating: 2.6/5. From 47 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Free tip for ALL SANDBOX DEVS. Mandatory to make a “GOOD” sandbox.
Menu with ROOMS image (not TEXT only like this game) with ICON of NPCs in the room.
And if you need a lot of mandatory scenes before any freedom, Add a * or any simbol in the rooms than unlock content.
Less clicks = better game.

Anonymous Fapper

solid advice!!

Anonymous Fapper

Okay I tried it, but not good, I have mix reaction on this, the art detail is beautiful but it’s done by a.i. and there is some inconsistensy. the story is meh, so far the mc is just looking at dirty magazine. with these pictures… meh….. NOT good. the game is not fun.

Anonymous Fapper

Sandbox (very bad navigation)
Stopped before anything sexual.

Anonymous Fapper

sandbox – good
ai – bad

but sure, not every sandbox is great, and not all ai stuff is disgusting.

Anonymous Fapper

Sissification tag. Nuf said

Anonymous Fapper

Oh Brothers, behold! For this is a Sacrilege, the Unholy AI desecrating our Blessed NTR!