Two Sides of the Same Coin

In the game Two Sides Of The Same Coin, in the seemingly tranquil town of Sumairu-Urbem, you are a teacher embedded in the web of a corrupted school. A sudden twist of fate via a jarring accident thrusts you into the world of partial amnesia. As fragments of your past elude you, a cryptic relative is your only guide, though she holds her cards close to her chest.

But it’s not all dark shadows and lost memories. This visual novel also offers a dazzling simulation filled with beautiful girls, each bearing their own stories and charms. As you delve deeper into the city’s enigmas, you’re entangled with a troublemaker girl and a persistent voice that won’t leave your mind’s sanctum.

Experience breathtaking graphics that bring each scene to life, balancing a concoction of humor, romance, and risqué moments. Will the past’s secrets unveil themselves, or will they remain shrouded in the mists of forgotten memories?


Stunning visual quality that promises an immersive experience.
Smooth 60fps animations
2 Official languages: English and Spanish
A captivating storyline set against the backdrop of a morally ambiguous city.
A delightful simulation filled with beautiful and intriguing female characters.
A seamless blend of NSFW content, humor, and romance.
Mature content “warning”.
Lots of love and depression!


What can I say? This world is not what it seems… every city, every street, every corner. It does have its tragic side, but guess what! In that same place of pain, sorrow and martyrdom, there were also happy, joyful and of great rejoicing moments!

What is the purpose of the game Two Sides Of The Same Coin? Simple. Each person is a different world and I can tell you that we have all suffered in one way or another throughout our lives, you are not the only one and you will not be the last either. There are moments in life when you simply want to leave everything, you are tired and the only thing you think is to put an end to that suffering that makes you lethargic.

This story will specifically emphasize personal problems that people often have, insecurities, and trauma. No one is alone, there will always be someone who can support in difficult times.

In the worst moments, is when we become stronger.
In the face of the worst threats, we must stand firm.
In the face of desolation, we must never lower our arms.

After all… you know what’s great about depression?
When you manage to get up, the feeling of satisfaction is greater than ever.

This is Two Sides of the Same Coin, a very beautiful ambiguity and I look forward to having your support throughout our history… or perhaps… you can leave it to chance! 🙂

It is also a dating sim with young girls. :p
Let’s Go! Cute girls are waiting for ya!

Developer: Dajam – Patreon | Itch | SubscribeStar | Discord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, School setting, Mobile game

Extract and run.


  • + 24,000 words
  • + 1,100 images
  • + 9 new animations!
  • 3 Main events
  • 1 Collab Event with CrushStories with multiple endings
  • 5 Miko events
  • 5 Jing events
  • 1 Secret Factor
  • Fixed older version typos
  • Fixed gallery nsfw events bugs
  • Fixed Spanish translate previous bugs
  • Fully spanish translated!!!
Rating: 3.2/5. From 32 votes.
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