Unholy Arts

Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

Rol, simulation and Choose Your Own Adventure elements are blend together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up under your clutches? Will you… end up under theirs?

Developer: Deep Interactivity – PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / Browser
Language: English
Genre: Simulation, Dating Sim, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy, Yuri, monster girl, futanari, caressing, vaginal, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal, kissing, player domination, player submission, female domination, female submission, BDSM, bondage, mind control, spanking, exhibitionism, voyeurism, transformation


Sex scenes and sex preferences
– Added a default sex preferences multipliers list.
– Sex preferences now have ranks, decided depending on their order in a list linearly ordered by weight.
– Sex preferences will be shown in the character menu if the target character has a special relationship with the player character.
* “Use” type sex preferences will be hidden if the character doesn’t have the proper bodypart. For example, “use tail” will only be shown for Claw.
– Global sex preferences multipliers list.
* The use and targetting of dick and pussy are weighted up, “usePain”,”receivePain” and “denial” are weighted down in the global preferences list.
– Paired preferences: some sex preferences will now be paired (example: target dick and use dick). When an action affects a character other than the actor during a sex scene, its tags’ pairs will be used.
– Sex preferences and luck will now be used to generate a multiplier for sex actions’ damage.
* If the multiplier goes over 1.20 or 1.35, it will be signalled by a short message.
– Each successfully used action’s flavor tags get stored for its actor, and its opposite tags get stored for each of the action’s targets, to be removed at the start of the next turn. If any character orgasms during the turn, there’s a chance for the characters’ tastes to increase depending of those tags.
* The effect will usually be the strongest with mindblowing orgasms, and somewhat stronger than usual with ruined orgasms.
* At the end of each day, each character has a chance to have their sexual preferences reordered, and re-ranked. If the sum of all tastes’ weights (including hidden categories) exceeds 3500, some points will be substracted from random tastes, with tastes with higher weight being more likely to get targeted.
– Added generic altered state “sensitized tag”. This altered state will be customized in order to represent a character’s short-term desire to realize a specific type of action, and will increase the respective damage multiplier in sex scenes. For instance, using “caress pussy” on a character A, will provoke an altered state for sensitized “use pussy”, which will increase character A’s damage on themselves if they use actions with the tag “use pussy”, or if other characters provoke them damage with actions that have the opposite tag “target pussy”.
* These altered states will only be applied if the target has no equivalent state already.
– Split “push hips back” into “push hips back” and “push ass back”. The former action will only be usable when the actor’s pussy is being penetrated, the latter when the actor’s ass is being penetrated. This change was required due to the changes in sex preferences changes.
* The new action deals 30% less lust damage, which is instead dealt as energy damage.
* This action is learnt with the scroll “The Basics of Sex”, available from the start of the game.

Sex scene actions
– The following actions now provoke sensitized altered states:
* Stroke pussy -> “Use pussy”, intensity and turns scale with agility.
* Stroke breasts -> “Use breasts”, intensity and turns scale with agility.
* Stroke dick -> “Use dick”, intensity and turns scale with agility.
* Stroke ass -> “Use ass”, intensity and turns scale with agility.
* Pussy footjob -> “Use pussy”, intensity and turns scale with agility.
* Dick footjob -> “Use dick”, intensity and turns scale with agility.

* Groin frottage -> Depending on dice rolls and available, unused genitals of both actor and target, may increase sensitivity for “use dick”,”use pussy”,”target dick” and “target pussy” on both characters. Intensity and turns scale with agility, perception and charisma.

Sex Scene AI Rework
The whole sex scene AI algorithm has been rewritten from scratch:
– Continued actions may now be primary (scissoring, penetrating pussy, cunnilingus, etc.) or secondary (french kiss, holding arms, slime hug). The number of turns each continued actions has been active is now tracked.
– General algorithm: The NPC will consider whether to start a primary continued action or not. If they decide against it or simply can’t, they will select a basic action (further explained below).
* The basic condition is having the lead. If the NPC doesn’t have the lead, they will discard plans to reach a specific primary continued action.
* If the NPC has a plan, they will keep following its instructions.
* If the NPC has no plan, they have a 5% chance to cancel all continued actions and positions that they currently form a part of. Otherwise, they will consider all potential continued actions they may want to cancel.
** Primary c. actions have a base -140% chance to be canceled, while secondary ones have a base -80% chance. C. actions that have flavor tags liked or loved by the character will have -5% or -10% extra chance. Each turn, this chance increases by 20%. To put an example, if a character who doesn’t lose their lead doesn’t like any of “french kiss” flavor tags, they will certainly cancel it before it’s continued for 10 turns.
* If the character still has no plan, they will select a mission (further explained below).
– Select basic action: The actor will choose a non-positional action.
* It is first checked if it’s impossible to target themself or other characters. If both are possible, a dice is thrown to check if the character should check themself, using previously stablished formulas. If neither is possible, the actor will choose “Do nothing”.
* Each action’s weight is now modified by base preferences multipliers, which are arbitrary numbers used to make characters more likely to prefer some actions. Previously, each character’s preference for “full sex”, “use pain”, “receive pain”, “denial” and others had severely arbitrary values in order to make them more or less common, but this wouldn’t work properly with the new dynamic preferences system.
* Each action’s weight is modified by the preferences’ weights and ranks of the actor, and receives further weight if the actor is sensitive to its flavor tags.
* When choosing to act on other characters, all possible target-action combinations will be checked, as opposed to randomly choosing a target, as it was previously being done.
If the actor has a great preference towards an action that involves “use pussy”, “target dick” and “top”, but is only possible to use it on char A and not char B, it will not be immediately discarded because char B was arbitrarily chosen earlier.
This will also make it more likely for actors to choose targets they share a position with, as they will have a wider range of usable actions with them.
** Each action receives further weight if the target is sensitive to its flavor tags.
– Select mission: the actor will analyze which set of actions may lead them to favorable results.
* They will first calculate all potential pair of positions they may reach with all other characters in the scene.
** They will then check all valid continued actions in each of these sets of positions, and create a tree that shows which continued actions may be selected in the close future with each character and which actions are required first.
* Each of these target-continuedAction pairs will be assigned a weight, following the same calculations developed for the select basic action algorithm, and one of them will be selected through a weighted roll.
* The actor will attempt to follow the simplest route to reach this action, or select a random positional action if all routes are equally complex.
This will be translated into a set of instructions for the general algorithm to follow as long as it’s possible.

New Scrolls
– 5 tutorial scrolls explaining with moderate detail how some mechanics work. Most of the information is likely already known by people who have been playing the game for a while.
* A Proper Candidate: Some information regarding stats and a couple of tips on how to distribute training time.
* The Arts of Socializing: Clues about getting more and better actions during conversation, information and strategy regarding mood, extra information regarding stats used during conversation, explanation on conversation offers/topics, desire and willpower.
* The Arts of Bed: Description of sex preferences and desires, orgasms: types and effects, denial, and lead.
* The Arts of Combat: Basic explanation of combat, detailed explanation of control, further information on evasion and combat affinities.
* Deeper relationships: Relationship decay, special relationships rules and explanation of drives.
** All of these scrolls give small amounts of experience when first read. Some of them are available after after 2, and the rest become available after day 10.

Menus & Customization
– Added menu for the player to choose a few one-time increases to several sex preferences of the player character. Those selected as “highly preferred” will increase the corresponding taste’s weight by 40 points, and those that are “preferred” will increase the weight by 20 points.

– Added four generic dialogues lines where characters will ask the others to bring their attention to their sensitized, unused bodyparts.

– Claw now has a “tail” bodypart. She still doesn’t do anything with it tho.

– Reduced the amount of enmity decreased by having egalitarian sex.
– Increased the base difficulty of “Offer servitude as Master” and “Offer tutorship as Tutor” from 100 to 125, and from 50 to 75 (and will be further increased in the future), and decreased the factor of submission relationship from 5 to 4 in both offers.
– The sex preferences of all NPC Candidates have been rewritten, to make sure a considerable amount of their rank 2 and 1 tastes aren’t simply the “default”.
* Nash loves both “use dick” and “target dick”. Because she likes sparring. I’ll see myself out!
* Padmiri starts with a fairly low “bondage” weight, which makes her unlikely to use her vines action during sex. I will soon add a story event that may give her a fair boost to her bondage preference. She is also more reluctant than average to anal, pain and denial.
* Claw generally prefers direct action (full sex over oral and foreplay) and being on top.
* Val generally favors talking (there aren’t sex scene talking actions yet), using and targetting eyes, teasing, denial, and being a bitch on broad terms.
* Ate is the character with the least defined tastes at the start of the game, other than avoiding actions that involve using or targetting eyes.
* I’ll include a text file with the raw data at the end of this post, in case you obsess over this or something.

– Added current date at the top of the personal room main menu. This will also make the date appear at the start of the save’s passage text.
– Hovering over the name of actions during sex or battle scenes will now display their descriptions. This allows you to access information regarding actions you would normally not be able to use, such as the stats that “Scratch” scales with.
– Added an actions screen in the personal room menu, listing all actions known by all Candidates.
* All known actions are sorted for them to be grouped in categories.
* It is possible to read the description of any of them by hovering the cursor over the action’s name.
* Next to each action, small words or acronyms are added to easily identify which ones are for sex or battle scenes, which ones are known by the player, and which ones are continued, positional or pounces.

– Fixed sex actions that had the flavor tag “targetAss” rather than “targetAnus”.
– Fixed two lines of code that assigned the wrong version of hypnotic glance to the Candidates.
– The functions to finish the effects of the chastity cage and the chastity belt will first check if the wearer’s appropriate genital has been temporarily freed, and remove the corresponding altered state.
– Fixed small issue where sex battles’ pounce actions would assign the wrong taker to the actors’ virginities.

– Rewrote the methods of the following classes as prototypes, rather than properties of the classes’ objects (lots of thanks to nothingreallymattress for pointing out this alternative): bar, stat, bodypart, virginity, mood, position, relPar, relation, personalRoom, jobsAssigner, settings, Supporter Tools, Compass.
– jobsAssigner will delete temporary information while it’s not being used.
– Some leftover data from the tutorial will be removed by the personal room menu.
– Fixed a method from settings that was supposed to clean some leftover data, but didn’t.
– The quickstart menu will now clean some of its data when it’s been used.
– Moved all data from social interactions database from State.variables to setup.
– Added function that will clean data from the compass object right before saving the game.
* All of these changes reduce the space used by the game both in memory and the save file, which should considerably reduce the lag. For comparison, a save file at day 1 before these optimizations occupied 438KB, while it occupies 153KB now. This will also make it more viable to add secondary protagonists with persistant data with the same functionality as the Candidates in the main game loop in the future.

– Added full and facial portrait files for Sturdiest Rock, another Beastkin appearing after v0.3, also drawn by Ikumireii.

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RanCor 33

Kill this shit with fire.


Loved the idea but its far to complicated and frustrating. Your bombarded with so many attacks that are affected by 2 or so stats that are defended against by 2 or so stats to the point that its very hard to know what the heck your supposed to do. That doesn’t pair well for a sexy game.

Anonymous Fapper

Very interesting. Keep the updates coming.

Anonymous Fapper

Even my 7yo brother can make an html game with some training

Anonymous Fapper

maybe he can if you stop sexually abusing his anus

Anonymous Fapper

omfg lol


>text only game so super easy to support variations.
>support for fucking females. fucking males. fucking futas
>support for transforming the sex of your companions
>you can not play as a male. player must be female
that is an odd and arbitrary limitation
>starting scene has you being a submissive to some she-demon
not my thing