Unholy Arts

Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

Rol, simulation and Choose Your Own Adventure elements are blend together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up under your clutches? Will you… end up under theirs?

Developer: Deep Interactivity – PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / Browser
Language: English
Genre: Simulation, Dating Sim, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy, Yuri, monster girl, futanari, caressing, vaginal, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal, kissing, player domination, player submission, female domination, female submission, BDSM, bondage, mind control, spanking, exhibitionism, voyeurism, transformation


New monsters
– Oppressive Yoke: A rock-solid behemoth levitates in the air, advancing imperturbable. Its body is composed of a large core tall as a human and long as a couple of deers, decorated by ample gems evenly distributed along its length, shining intensely when it casts magic. Chains of aether wander by its sides, menacing with their mere presence.
* Strong resilience, physique and intelligence. Weak agility and charisma. High base stats and bars.
* Actions: Tackle, Sparking Rubbing, Aethereal Chains, Oppressive Embrace, Savage Crush.

Monster balance
– Added function to adjust a character’s stats depending on difficulty, currently adding X variance on hard and -X on easy. Flying Lookouts and Essence-Suckers get adjusted by a factor of 1, Oppressive Yokes get adjusted by a factor of 2.

Monster encounters
– Using the previously introduced mechanic to automatically initiate events upon entering a specific room, 17 rooms in the Gleaming Caverns swamps now have a 20% chance of spawning a monster assault event. If you want to avoid getting assaulted, it’s best to stick to the roads.
* The possible monster encounters are:
** 2 Essence-suckers.
** 2 Flying lookouts.
** 1 Oppressive Yoke.
– Battle end conditions and results:
* A normal victory will not have positive effects, with the winning characters only restoring 70% of their lost lust.
* A victory where an enemy monster has the altered state “Being Captured” will also let the leader of the winning team to drag the captured monsters for a while.
* A defeat for the non-monster team will result in these characters losing the remaining time of the period, locked in a hidden room.
* You may flee from battle with a new action, but you will not recover any lost lust.

Monster Capture Mechanic
– The action “Monster Capture” is acquired through the “Has Capturing Net” altered state, and lost upon effective use.
* You can get the “Has Capturing Net” state by asking Artume in the Hidden Camp, as long as you don’t already have it.
– Winning a battle during a generic monster assault where a monster has the altered state “Being Captured” will give the first character of the opposite team an altered state “Captured Monster”, weakening their physique, agility, resilience and perception. You can check which monster has been captured by hovering over the altered state’s acronym.
– You can deliver captured monsters to Artume to earn rewards. At the current moment, rewards involve a list of actions as well as stats experience. Delivering monsters takes 120 minutes, but will be finished earlier if the period is about to end. Rewarded actions per monster:
* Flying Lookout: Hypnotic Glance (Social, Sex, Battle)
* Essence-Sucker: Draining Kiss, Energy Draining Kiss (Sex, Battle)
* Oppresive Yoke: Ethereal Chains (Sex, Battle)
– Two short story passages the first time you receive a capture net and deliver a monster to Artume.

Battle Actions Changes
– Sparking Rubbing
* Alternate descriptions when the actor using this action is a monster.
* This action now checks if the target has these body parts freed or in use: pussy, dick and breasts. If these parts are freed or in use, the action gains the corresponding affinities “target[bodypart]”.
** The action now has a base damage multiplier of 0.6, which increases by 0.2 for each of the previous valid body parts up to 1.2. This will be notified in the description.

New Battle Actions
– Oppressive Embrace: Pounce attack. The character charges against their target, attempting to pounce on them and bind their limbs with aethereal chains. Costs 5 energy and 5 willpower.
* Chance of hitting: Actor’s agility * 0.12 + resilience * 0.13 + will * 0.13 + intelligence * 0.12 + control * 5.
* Chance of evasion: Target’s perception * 0.2 + agility * 0.3 + will * 0.3.
* Damage: Actor’s physique * 0.15 + resilience * 0.1 + will * 0.1 + intelligence * 0.1.
* This action has a 50% chance of locking the target’s arms and legs (decided individually).
– Savage Crush: Heavy attack where the attacker uses its whole weight to crush their enemy against a solid surface. Costs 5 energy. Provokes 2 to 3 control damage, consumes 0.5 control from the actor.
* Chance of hitting: Actor’s agility * 0.35 + perception * 0.15 + control * 4.
* Chance of evasion: Target’s agility * 0.45 + perception * 0.25 + control * 4.
* Damage: Actor’s resilience * 0.55 + physique * 0.25 – target’s resilience * 0.35.
– Monster Capture (Complete mechanics explained in the “Monster Capture Mechanic” section): The character throws a specially crafted net against its enemy, heavily weakening it. Requires the target to be a monster at <= 50% lust who isn’t already under the effects of this action’s debuff, and the actor to have a sum of energy and lust higher than 10. Uses 10 energy, which may overflow into lust. Removes the capturing net from the user.
* Applies the altered state: “Being Captured”, provoking a low to moderate debuff to all stats until the end of the fight. The strenght of the debuff ranges from 10% at 0 intensity to 35% at maximum intensity.
* Chance of hitting: Actor’s perception * 0.35 + agility * 0.2 + luck * 0.2 + control * 2 + 25.
* Chance of evasion: Target’s perception * 0.35 + agility * 0.2 + luck * 0.2 + control * 4.
* Control damage: 1.2 + Actor’s luck%0.3 + (intelligence + perception + agility + will) * 0.0025.
* Debuff intensity: Actor’s luck % ((intelligence + perception + agility + will) * 0.05)
– Run Away: Run away from battle. Only allowed in certain scenes, such as standard monster encounters. Costs 10 energy.
* This action’s chance of success depends on all characters of both teams, and its large modifiers make it easy for it to be a guaranteed success of failure. Chances of success depend on: Larger team than the enemy (*30 per character), defeated characters in each team (*-30 per character), characters without control in each team (*-10 per character), each character’s control * 4, agility * 0.3, perception * 0.2 and luck * 0.1.
* All pre-defined character now know this action upon creation. For the sake of compatibility, all characters will also learn it upon starting the first adventure and upon triggering the v0310Patches() function.

Gleaming Caverns Map ~ Technical Changes
– Added a “Trap Room”, invisible and impossible to access, used to lock characters who can no longer act until the end of the period.
* Added patch to make sure the room exists even in playthrough where the Gleaming Caverns map has already been loaded.
– The path from Southern Path 1 to Caverns Entrance is no longer usable while any character in your group is dragging a monster.

Adventure Misc
– Added random comment in the tribe’s streets where one Shapeshifter is told they should participate in some theater performance soon if they intend to take part in the Twisted Festival, also serving as a pointer towards the map story event from the previous update.
– It will now be possible to see the respect any character has from any of the tribes if the value has been defined in their information screen, in the personal room menu.
– When any tribe’s respect values have been defined, an additional table will appear at the Candidates Comparison screen, showing the respect each Candidate has gained from each tribe, as well as the general respect they have towards the Passion Temple.

Candidates’ Adventure AI
– Monster Hunting Mission: The character will chase these goals: get Capture Net, roam through the swamps until a monster has been captured, deliver monster to Artume.
* Requirements: The Candidate’s group must exceed a certain strength threshold (this threshold may be increased in the future). The target monster must be desirable for the Candidate (Nashillbyir and Padmiri want draining, Claw and Ate want chains, Valtan wants hypnosis, but she can’t actually select this mission). The Candidates will not chase this goal if there’s too little time in the day.
* NPCs will stop chasing this goal if their strength falls too low.
* Added extra commands to the standard monster assault scene results to break the AI of defeated characters, as they would otherwise crash the game upon finding out they couldn’t do anything.
* NPCs much less likely to choose to hunt a monster if they already know the action they want to learn. Much more likely to go hunting as their very first action of the day, moderately more likely to go hunting when the day is already well advanced if their bars aren’t too depleted.
* NPCs hunting for a specific monster are more likely to face a group that includes that monster, as a little treat for the AI.

Battle AI
– Small changes to accomodate for the actions related to monsters.
* Actions tagged as “holy” (currently Holy Blast) will not be selected if the target isn’t a monster, and they’re more likely to be selected otherwise.
* Actions tagged as “captureMonster” (currently Monster Capture) have a small chance to be selected if valid, which gets multiplied by 10 if the target monster is currently the target of a hunting mission.

Bug fixes
– Constructor for the altered state “Tease” now correctly functions if there is no bodypart that may be targeted for the tease.
– More fixed typos.

Patch C for version 0.3.9
– Solved issue where the honeypot bodymark could permanently stack pussy weakness on its victim.
– Some battle demands (humilliation, force sex, force servitude) now properly raise the target’s sex preference for submission, rather than the actor’s.
– Tweaked the order in which the “accept challenge” button during conversations removes the player prompt. Previously, this was done after the challenge event had been initiated – since the player character was no longer a conversation at this point, code would not be capable of finding the conversation which prompt had to be deleted, so the player re-entering in that conversation later would lead to receiving the same challenge again.
– Fixed issue where the player, upon being assaulted while in a conversation, would not immediately receive a prompt, but would be offered the choice to leave to the map (where the prompt would be visible) as well as to switch to specific conversation topics (which would crash the game).
– Fixed tooltips in the actions menu to be shown when hovering over the actions’ names, rather than the “(?)” marks.
– Map events forced to end early that involve the player will make the required time to advance to be set to zero, unless the event was forced to be ended as the result of event duplication removal tasks.
– NPCs following another character will no longer check their map AI if they’re in conversation.
– The main function to advance the clock now commands the clock to advance 0 minutes in the end, which removes left over events that have 0 remaining minutes to be completed but weren’t removed for some reason.
– General typo fixes.

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Anonymous Fapper

1.5? Damn I’ve seen some actual dog shit games posted with higher ratings so I can only imagine how bad this is. Love to hear from others who have tried this.

Canadian Fapper

not many like the really text based games, but once you get used to it you may enjoy it

Officer's Match

Seriously? What the fuck is this supposed to be?

Anonymous Fapper

Something between TiTS, Free Cities, and this other game I abandoned for not being good enough.


Loved the idea but its far to complicated and frustrating. Your bombarded with so many attacks that are affected by 2 or so stats that are defended against by 2 or so stats to the point that its very hard to know what the heck your supposed to do. That doesn’t pair well for a sexy game.

Anonymous Fapper

I’ve seen plenty of games with “complex” combat systems, that are also NSFW types.
The fact that this, with it’s simple combat system, appears complex, is laughable.
Definitely don’t check out games with a “complex” combat system, you might have a stroke.

Anonymous Fapper

Very interesting. Keep the updates coming.

Anonymous Fapper

Even my 7yo brother can make an html game with some training

Anonymous Fapper

maybe he can if you stop sexually abusing his anus

Anonymous Fapper

omfg lol

Anonymous Fapper

Well if you want to say that, then:

Anyone, even a child, can learn:
Aaaand that’s about all the coding languages I can remember cause I don’t give a fuck.

HTML games are literally just games that use your browser.
Doesn’t mean they use a specific coding language, and as far as I know, HTML games are more used as a form of training for developers.

Or because they don’t want to waste months or years making an OS for their game, or using a pre-existing one.