Unholy Arts

Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

Rol, simulation and Choose Your Own Adventure elements are blend together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up under your clutches? Will you… end up under theirs?

Developer: Deep Interactivity – PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / Browser
Language: English
Genre: Simulation, Dating Sim, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy, Yuri, monster girl, futanari, caressing, vaginal, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal, kissing, player domination, player submission, female domination, female submission, BDSM, bondage, mind control, spanking, exhibitionism, voyeurism, transformation


Adventure content summary
– The first adventure will start after day 25.
* After two days of travel, our protagonists reach the swamps next to the Gleaming Caverns, and a few plotlines are introduced.
* First half of the first act, no free roaming yet.
– Placeholder story event from day 29 will no longer trigger, its effects have been moved to the first adventure finish function.

New battle mechanics
– Scene actions now have priority. During battle scenes, when the order in which actions are executed is decided, they first get divided in blocks of actions with the same priority, with the blocks of the higher priorities getting executed first.
– Scene actions may now have after effects, which come into play after all actions of the turn have been executed.
– Type of attack: trance, immediately succeds if actor and target already share a certain type of position.
– Type of affinity: holy.

AI changes
– Added line to standard sex scenes AI to purge denial actions from the list of valid actions on self, thus preventing NPCs from ruining their own orgasms.
– When NPC tutors consider whether to equip bondage or not on pupils, their drives will be checked:
* If the tutor’s domination (x2), ambition and pleasure drives sum less than 80% of the character’s total drive points, the standard equipment of bondage will not be considered.
* If the standard equipment of bondage won’t be considered but the sum is over 50% of the character’s total drive points, the tutor will attempt to equip soft bondage (at the moment, this means attempting to equip just a collar, if possible).
* If both checks fail, the tutor will equip no bondage on the pupil.

– Added settings option: “Monsters allowed to use lewd actions”. When disabled, monsters will only use non-lewd actions. Game is balanced around the “Enabled” option.

Story Events changes
– Modified requirements of Martial Tutorship I: If the player character has locked arms or legs, the event will still be allowed to fire if the owner of the bondage is Nashillbyir.
– Tweaked the positions of the Candidates chosen during “Shunned by her own”, they now negatively view Valtan’s pleasure drive.

Supporter Rewards
– General QoL improvements in the Cheat Menu.

– Draining kiss damage scaling has been changed from x0.2 agility & x0.1 empathy to x0.2 agility & x0.15 empathy.

Image Files
– Added Nersmias portrait files, drawn by Reneg30.

– General text fixes.
– Properly gave the action “Anal mount dick” another condition checking if anal actions are enabled in the settings.
– Added extra check to actually allow the player to leave a conversation if you entered it following someone they aren’t repaying favour to.
– Properly resetted AI algorithm of Claw in a sex scene of the story event “Flaunting A Kitty”.
– Added new checks to checkMapAction and checkTalkTo, hopefully solving part of the issue where NPCs begin actions in rooms different than the ones they should be allowed to.
– Quickstarts Menu: Since the next day’s event is now calculated after leaving the personal room menu, and not before entering it, the quickstart option to begin after receiving Varyonte’s boon has been pushed one day forward, in order to prevent the player from receiving two boons.
– Mindblowing orgasms descriptions will now properly mention the character’s willpower loss.
– Fixed some checks in the story event “Shunned by her own” that were provoking some characters not to declare their support for Valtan.
– Struggle was checking twice if the actor had free arms to calculate extra effectiveness, rather than checking if the actor had both free arms and legs.

*** Potential Spoilers ***

First Adventure
– First half of the first act

– More functions to manage character objects that are only expected to have a short-lived existence in memory, and some extra functionality to manage monsters’ stats and UI.

New Monsters
– Flying Lookout
* High will, charisma, perception, agility
* Hypnotic Glance, Order kneeling, order masturbation, corrode mind
* Moderately high hypnosis and use eyes strength and weakness, huge weakness to holy

– Essence-sucker
* High resilience and will, moderate agility and empathy.
* Tackle, frontal pounce, draining roots, draining kiss, energy-draining kiss
* Huge weakness to holy, large weakness to fire, strong drain, spore and useMouth affinities, resistant targetMouth affinity.

Battle Scene Actions Modifications
– Draining kiss and Energy-draining kiss: May no longer be used on characters whose race is monster, alternate description when a monster is using them.

New Battle Scene Actions
– Order kneeling: Pounce hypnosis action, the character hypnotizes their target to get on their knees. Both actor and target require free eyes. Affinities: Hypnosis, use eyes, target eyes. Deals lust and willpower damage, deals continued willpower damage.
– Order masturbation: Trance hypnosis sex action, the actor uses hypnosis to order their target to masturbate. Both characters must already be in a valid position. Base damage uses the target’s agility and physique, and is reduced by their will. Damage diminishes if the target has locked arms, a portion of lust damage is translated into willpower damage if all the target’s genitals are locked. Depending on several conditions, the action also uses these damage affinities: “useArms”, “targetArms”, “usePussy”, “targetPussy”, “useDick” and “targetDick”.
– Corrode mind: Trance hypnosis action, the actor slowly derodes the target’s will. Both characters must already be in a valid position. Lust and willpower damage provoked by actor’s intelligence (x2), will (x2) and charisma (x2), and reduced by target’s will (x-1).
– Tackle: Physical attack that damages lust and control. Damage based on actor’s resilience (x6), physique (x3), agility (x2), and target’s resilience (x-1) and agility (x-1). Chance of hitting based on actor’s resilience (x6), physique (x3) and agility (x2), and target’s agility (x6) and perception (x4).Actor receives control damage if the attack fails.
– Draining roots: Similarly to draining kiss, drains lust. The actor must be either monster or Leirien. Chance of hitting scales with actor’s agility (x7), perception (x3) and control, and target’s agility (x-7), perception (x-7) and control. Damage scales with actor’s resilience (x5) and will (x4), and decreases with target’s resilience (x-2).
– Holy blast: Magical holy projectile attack. Damage scales with all stats of the actor. Chances of landing the hit are influenced by all stats of the actor and the target and their control. Consumes 5% of the actor’s lust.
– Flaming fan: Magical fire projectile attack. It deals collateral damage against the allies of the target. While it’s similar to embers, it deals less base damage, has better hit chance, and costs more willpower. Damage scales with intelligence (x7) and will (x4), resistance scales with will (x-4), chance of hitting scales with intelligence (x4), will (x4) and perception (x2), chance of evading scales with will (x5) and perception (x5).
– Flaring Feint: Special fire self-targeted attack. Applies a short buff to the user that increases agility, will, control recovery and fire strength. Additionally, any character that targets the actor with contact, hit or pounce attacks will receive fire damage. Buff and damage scale with actor’s intelligence and will. Costs 2 energy and willpower. Priority of 3. The user must have control.
– Earth wall: Special magical self-targeted attack. Applies a one-turn buff to every member of the user’s team, increasing resilience and will, but decreasing perception, greatly increasing pounce and physical resistance and slightly increasing magical and social resistance. Characters who target any member of the user’s team with pounce or hit attacks will receive physical damage. Both the buff intensity and the damage scale with the user’s resilience (x1) and will (x1).
– Quake: Physical projectile attack. Deals lust and control damage to the target and their allies. Chance to hit scales with the actor’s and target’s resilience (x2), will (x2), perception (x1) and control, damage scales with the actor’s resilience (x6) and will (x4), and the target’s resilience (x-3), control damage scales with the actor’s resilience (x2), will (x2) and luck (x%2).
– Disabling shot: Single target physical attack. Damages the target’s lust and control, and applies a control recovery debuff for a few turns. Actor must have control and free arms. Hitting chance scales with actor’s and target’s agility, perception and control, damage scales with actor’s agility (x2), physique (x1), perception (x1), and target’s resilience (x1), control damage scales with actor’s luck (x%3), agility (x2), perception (x1) and physique (x1), debuff intensity scales with actor’s agility (x1) and perception (x1).

New weapons
– Hunting bow: Increases agility and perception, grants the action “Disabling shot”.

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Officer's Match

Seriously? What the fuck is this supposed to be?


Loved the idea but its far to complicated and frustrating. Your bombarded with so many attacks that are affected by 2 or so stats that are defended against by 2 or so stats to the point that its very hard to know what the heck your supposed to do. That doesn’t pair well for a sexy game.

Anonymous Fapper

Very interesting. Keep the updates coming.

Anonymous Fapper

Even my 7yo brother can make an html game with some training

Anonymous Fapper

maybe he can if you stop sexually abusing his anus

Anonymous Fapper

omfg lol


>text only game so super easy to support variations.
>support for fucking females. fucking males. fucking futas
>support for transforming the sex of your companions
>you can not play as a male. player must be female
that is an odd and arbitrary limitation
>starting scene has you being a submissive to some she-demon
not my thing