Unholy Arts

Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

Rol, simulation and Choose Your Own Adventure elements are blend together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up under your clutches? Will you… end up under theirs?

Developer: Deep Interactivity – PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux / Browser
Language: English
Genre: Simulation, Dating Sim, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy, Yuri, monster girl, futanari, caressing, vaginal, blowjob, cunnilingus, anal, kissing, player domination, player submission, female domination, female submission, BDSM, bondage, mind control, spanking, exhibitionism, voyeurism, transformation


Story Events
– Added “A Sacrifice of Aether” story event. Only requirements are going past the 10th day of the 2nd month. Short event with no choices, small variations depending on whether or not you have allowed futa content, as well as lewd males to a much lesser degree.

First Adventure Tweaks
– Removed option to skip Gleaming Caverns after first talking to Mesquelles.
– Added an opportunity to save the game on the Twisted Festival, after the battle involving all Candidates.
– Bug fix: Dealing enough damage against a certain enemy before the scripted end of the scene in the Twisted Festival would provoke a crash. Scenes intended to last for a fixed amount of turns will now end prematurely if the scene is a battle scene, which solves this issue.

Scene Animations Framework
– Added sprite objects’ code, requiring a variable name, a file root, z-axis position, dimensions, position and a type classification.
* Code to format HTML instructions to display all sprites requested, respecting position in all axis. Further tweaks to better position the general animations may be required.
– Split animations of “Mount Face to Face” for [BH Gaanidan Candidate, YH Gaanidan Candidate, RH Gaanidan Candidate, Generic Gray Female Character] into sprites.
– Animations test room, where all animations of valid categories may be selected to display on screen and look for errors. This room is only accessible through the Quickstarts passage, a debug functions menu which is usually the starting passage on Supporter versions.
* Sprites are divided into types and groups.
** Only one sprite of each type will be shown each time, representing a type of object to be present in the animation (for instance, left arm of the character on top).
** Groups refer to sets of sprites that are commonly shown together, because they belong to the same character or race. Rather than a hard requirement, this serves testing purposes. The tests room has buttons to quickly select all sprites of the same group.
– Characters may now have animation tags, which will serve as a guide for the code as for which sprites must be used to represent them. Characters without anTags or without valid sprites will default to gray character sprites if possible.

Scene Animations Initial Implementation
– The animations formatter seeks the first currently active continued action that is either “Mount dick” or “Penetrate pussy”, where both participants have a correct position. [
* Both participants must be female (personal pronoun is “she”), as there is currently no placeholder sprite for flat chest and there’s no other variable that determines the form of the character’s chest.
* Even though the “Penetrate pussy” continued action has the penetrating character on top, the “Mount dick” animation will be used for the time being, changing the position of both characters.
* The algorithm selecting the shown animation must be improved in the future and depend less on nested if statements.

– Added animation options: Enable, hide, disable. Enabled and hidden may be switched back and forth during a sex scene via an additional button, while disable prevents both the use of this button and any animation being showed.
– Added buttons to the bottom of the personal room to allow the player to choose a set of sprites for the player character. These have to be removed on v0.4, as animation tags should be handled differently.

Patch B

– Added sprites for male gray character for [Mount Face to Face ~ Mount Dick].
– Added a few sprites for [Mount Face to Face ~ Scissors], which might be seen in the dynamic animations test room.
– Sprites now have an “animation” parameter. The dynamic animations test menu will only show sprites and sprite groups corresponding to the currently selected animation, and buttons to switch animations have been added.
– Rewrote code that selects sprites for the selected continued action, now dynamically selecting sets of sprites depending on dynamic conditions (Does this character have a dick? Are this character’s arms locked?) to be applied to different animations. This will reduce the amount of work required to implement new animations as time goes on.
* Male characters will no longer disqualify a continued action from being animated, and will use gray male sprites instead.
– Manually fixed duration of rogue sprites that were provoking desynchronization, although we still need to solve the root issue, or at least find a more automatable solution.

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Anonymous Fapper

1.5? Damn I’ve seen some actual dog shit games posted with higher ratings so I can only imagine how bad this is. Love to hear from others who have tried this.

Canadian Fapper

not many like the really text based games, but once you get used to it you may enjoy it

Anonymous Fapper

Or gay/futa stuff. The crowd for it is already tiny, add to that a text game, you’ll get maybe a couple of 100 people interested, if even that.

Officer's Match

Seriously? What the fuck is this supposed to be?

Anonymous Fapper

Something between TiTS, Free Cities, and this other game I abandoned for not being good enough.


Loved the idea but its far to complicated and frustrating. Your bombarded with so many attacks that are affected by 2 or so stats that are defended against by 2 or so stats to the point that its very hard to know what the heck your supposed to do. That doesn’t pair well for a sexy game.

Anonymous Fapper

I’ve seen plenty of games with “complex” combat systems, that are also NSFW types.
The fact that this, with it’s simple combat system, appears complex, is laughable.
Definitely don’t check out games with a “complex” combat system, you might have a stroke.

Anonymous Fapper

Very interesting. Keep the updates coming.

Anonymous Fapper

Even my 7yo brother can make an html game with some training

Anonymous Fapper

maybe he can if you stop sexually abusing his anus

Anonymous Fapper

omfg lol

Anonymous Fapper

Well if you want to say that, then:

Anyone, even a child, can learn:
Aaaand that’s about all the coding languages I can remember cause I don’t give a fuck.

HTML games are literally just games that use your browser.
Doesn’t mean they use a specific coding language, and as far as I know, HTML games are more used as a form of training for developers.

Or because they don’t want to waste months or years making an OS for their game, or using a pre-existing one.