Unholy Arts

Passion, love and power are the cornerstones of the protagonists of Unholy Arts, an erotic fantasy dating sim where six women cooperate and compete to become the next Valley’s High Priestess, in an adventure full of yuri, romance and powerplay.

Rol, simulation and Choose Your Own Adventure elements are blend together to create an innovative system where each character makes their own choices according to their goals and desires, which in turn evolve along with their experiences.

How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up under your clutches? Will you… end up under theirs?

Developer: Deep Interactivity – PatreonItchDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux | Browser
Language: English
Genre: RPG, text-based, dating sim, adventure, simulator, turn based combat, Female protagonist, monster girl, lesbian, female domination, female submission, futanari, Caressing, vaginal, anal, kissing, teasing, oral, virgin, handjob, footjob, Fantasy, BDSM, mind control, transformation, draining, hypnosis, bondage, Futa protagonist, Trans protagonist

Extract and run.


New Animations
– Added new animation “Mount from Behind – Standard penetration”.
* The participating characters must share one of these position pairs: [<Mounting from Behind> and <Mounted from Behind>], [<Spitroast from Behind> and <Spitroast target>], [<Mounting from Behind> and <Mounting and Mounted>], or [<Mounting and Mounted> and <Mounted from Behind>].
* One of these continued actions must be active: [Penetrate Pussy, Penetrate Ass, or Double Penetration].

– Added three types of virginities: “First”, “Tribbing” and “Kiss”.
* Tribbing virginity gets taken by “Interlock legs” and “P2P Frontal Pounce”.
* “First” virginity refers to the first character the character has participated in “full sex”, and gets taken along with the first out of tribbing, vaginal, anal or penile virginity that the character loses.
* The first kiss gets taken by the “Kiss Lips”, “French Kiss” and “Energy draining kiss” sex scene actions and the “Kiss Lips”, “Draining Kiss” and “Energy Draining Kiss” battle scene actions, as well as the “Kiss” conversation interaction.
* Several checks have been added to the 0th day (first day in the story, day prior to the start of the main gameplay loop), for the first kiss of several characters to be given/taken depending on the player actions. Mechanically, Valtan’s first kiss checks will be considered equivalent to those of a sex scene where the player would have no lead, therefore increasing domination/submission, while the kisses of Nashillbyir and Padmiri will have the stat changes of an egalitarian sex scene.
– Stat relationship changes from virginity losses have been reduced by 25%.
– Added checks to clean the new virginity types from the player character after the first encounter with Varyonte.
– Changed the virginities some characters start the game with:
* Valtan and Sillan start the game as having taken each other’s first kiss and tribbing virginity.
* Claw starts the game with her first kiss taken.
* Nermias starts the game with first, first kiss, penile and anal taken.
* Mesquelles starts the game with first, first kiss, penile, vaginal and tribbing taken.
* Artume starts the game with first, vaginal and anal virginities taken.
– Changed the conditions for virginities to appear in a character’s menu screen (at the personal room):
* Untaken virginities will now appear as such.
* “Tribbing” and “kiss” virginities now have pussy and mouth as their associated bodyparts required to appear, while “first” has no associated required bodypart.
* You still need a non-hostile special relationship for the virginities section to appear in a character’s menu screen.
* Added colors associated with the status of virginities: lime green for untaken ones, light coral for virginities lost while the character had access to control, purple for virginities lost during non-egalitarian sex scenes where the character couldn’t get the lead, red for virginities lost during battle scenes.
* Virginities taken by characters who don’t appear in the story will be mentioned as “given to stranger”.

General balance
– Padmiri’s weakness to fire has been reduced from 50% to 25%, she has gained 15% drain strength, 10% drain weakness, 5% physical resistance, 5% magic resistance, 25% thunder resistance and 50% spore resistance.
– Maaterasu’s physical resistance and frailty have been reduced to 5% and 10% from 10% and 20%, her magic weakness has been increased to 25% from 20%, and she now has a 5% weakness to sex.
– Valtan’s sex strength has been increased from 5% to 10%.
– A character’s weapon affinities (strength, resistance, frailty, weakness) now influence their chances at landing or avoiding weapon attacks. Strength and resistance raise *0.5 their value to the probability of landing or deflecting, while frailty and weakness diminish *1 their value. This is an indirect buff to Nashillbyir, who has natural weapon strength and resistance.
– Daily merit loss from being a servant reduced from 1 to 0.5.
– Humiliation option after combat now only provokes the loser to lose half the merit taken by the winner.
– Characters now learn again actions that weren’t appropriate for their builds upon game initialization (Nashillbyir gets basic magic actions, Claw can use tease, Padmiri learns Embers and so on), which they should now know not to use until context is very appropriate for it.
– Halved self-improvement drive gains from losing generic battles.

Transformation Mechanics
– When the player character is transformed to get an alternate face during a transformation scene and there are animation tags associated with the transformation, her sprites will appropriately change during the scene, only to return to her previous sprites when the transformation is finished.

Calendar Changes
– Monster Adept is now scripted to take place after the 9th day of the 2nd month, rather than being selected by weight.

– Added data for new “domination” combat affinity, still unused.
– Added “chestSize” and “dickSize”, meant to be used to select types of sprites, although they’re still unused. Chest size values might be “small”, “medium” and “big”, and dick sizes might be “medium” or “big”, with “medium” being the default for both. At some point in the future, these values might be altered through transformation scenes.
* Characters with big chests: Varyonte, Valtan, Mesquelles.
* Characters with small chests: Padmiri, Maaterasu.
* Characters with big dicks: Varyonte.
– Selecting one of the three standard player character portraits now also automatically grants her the corresponding animation tags, both during normal gameplay and through quickstart options. If the custom portrait is selected, the options to select specific animations tags will still be offered at the personal room menu.
– Added variable to modify the conversion rate of relationship stats’ short term values to long term values.
– Added variables to modify the progressions of lust and non-lust stat bars.
– Player character custom moods are now applied by summing the difference between the new custom mood and the old custom mood, rather than directly linking the player character base mood and the desired custom mood. This allows mechanical changes of base moods that may affect all characters, including the player’s, rather than keep this feature locked to certain story-based events.
* The player custom mood screen now shows the final player base mood, taking into account external factors.
– Some items now change the wearer’s base moods:
* Collar: +3 submissive.
* Nipple-suckers, buttplug, dildo: +2 aroused.
* Chastity belt, chastity cage: +3 aroused.

Minor Map Changes
– Added a “trap room” to the Passion Temple. A trap room is a special room unconnected to any other to keep characters locked until the end of the period after specific circumstances, such as having been defeated by monsters.
– Added small text at the room leading to the mountains in the Gleaming Caverns’ swamp, explaining that there’s nothing of interest over there.

Freed Supporter Rewards
– Two quickstart options are now available on the free version: Ritual of Avatars (post-tutorial) and Boons were received (1st Month, 10th day).

Supporter Rewards
– Added options in the Cheat Menu to restore specific virginities of a simulated character.
– Option to modify the relationship stats conversion rate.
– Options to modify general multipliers of lust and non-lust stat bars.
– Added hunting bow, dildo and spear to the create item section in the Cheat Menu.
– Quickstart option: Gleaming Caverns, taking to a couple of days before the Gleaming Caverns adventure begins.
* Candidates are granted 3000 exp to all stats, 16% of which is skewed towards charisma and empathy.
* Candidates gain 6500 veerens.
* Candidates’ attitudes towards Valtan’s events in the Gleaming Caverns get initiated.
* Claw’s angry mood gets normalized.
* Initial merchants get initialized and made available.
* Claw, Padmiri, Valtan and Maaterasu receive their initial weapons.
* All Candidates study the remaining scrolls of the first month.
* All Candidates gain semi-random relationship stats with each other, influenced by options below.
* Player Options:
** Choose your initial weapon.
** Results of Nash’s initial challenge against Claw (alters relationships and merit).
** Do the other Candidates support Valtan (determines their “supsValLove” and “supsValPardon” values for the Gleaming Caverns adventure)?
** “How have the Candidates been doing?”
*** They’ve been friendly: Multiplies random gains of friendship and romance by 3 and 2, all Candidates gain 100 love and cooperation drive points.
*** They’re touring everyone’s bedrooms: Multiplies random gains of sexual tension and romance by 3 and 2, all Candidates gain 200 pleasure drive points.
*** They’ve taken a balanced approach: Multiplies random gains of friendship, romance and sexual tension by 1,3.
*** They’re focused on their duties: Multiplies random gains of friendship, rivalry and enmity by 1.5, 2 and 1.5, all Candidates gain 100 points of self-improvement, ambition and domination drives.
** Boost your romance with one character (+800 romance, +400 sexual tension, +400 friendship)
** Boost your domination towards one character (+800 domination, +400 sexual tension, +200 romance)
** Boost your submission towards one character (+800 submission, +400 sexual tension, +200 romance)
* Relationship gains through this quickstart receive 8 conversions from stv to ltv.

Data optimization
– Some combat affinities are being removed in order to save memory, since they were barely being used: “useMouth”,”targetMouth”,”useNeck”,”targetNeck”,”useArms”,”targetArms”,”kick”.
– Added system to compress the data of scene actions learnt by every character by coding some groups of actions as “keywords”, thus allowing for more carefree addition of new actions without worries about memory.
– Added similar system to compress the data of found and studied scrolls.
– Relationships’ stv and ltv now remember 0 decimals instead of twenty bazillions.
– Reformatted elements of combatAffinities.
– Reformatted management of data regarding character icons.
– Decoupled the vast majority of the globalAI data from individual character objects.
* Overall, the size of the average save file with all possible guests invited has fallen by almost 50%, leaving plenty of room to simulate more characters.

– Added new test batch options:
* All Candidates become futas.
* Test first 10 days: Run 10 days of the main loop where only training and socialization is allowed, and Ate and Claw refuse socialization.
* Test first month, second half: Run 15 days of the main loop with all standard options unlocked, including initial merchants.
* Test second month: Run 20 days of the main loop with all standard options unlocked, extra infamy limit and duration for bondage and special relationships, story state set to second loop group.

Test versions for secondary characters
– Non-final versions of them. They have low stats to use in my own tests. I’m noting down some data about them that will likely make it into their final versions in a separate file, but beware about getting to know too much about them too early.

New version maintenance
– Removed all code invoking maintenance functions for versions 0.3.X.

– The “Tribute for the Goddess” story event now properly increases received experience during training.
– “Already attacked today” flag now works properly at disincentivizing NPCs from looking for too much trouble, but now reduces weight to 40% instead of its previously intended 20%.
– After a previous fix, NPC-NPC battles where the player was not involved in any way weren’t proceeding correctly. After tweaking a few checks, NPCs are now able to tear each other to tears again.
– Maaterasu learns Lightning Darts again.
– Added influences for control damage in the descriptions of Freeze Feet, Kick, Staff Swipe and Bold Jab.
– Added new check to the prompt to players, checking if it is a prompt meant to force the player to follow another character. If that character is no longer the player character’s dominant, the prompt will be discarded.

Story changes (spoilers)
– The endings of Gleaming Caverns now alter Valtan’s base moods. These are meant to fall back down as the story continues.
* Ending A gives her submissive +20 and bored +20.
* Ending B gives her friendly +10, intimate +20 and flirty +10.
* Ending C gives her intimate +20 and dominant +20.

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How is this pile of non porn incel shit even still alive?

That’s great. A porn game with no actual porn. Just what the world was waiting for.

Anonymous Fapper

Point of order, this game is faggot shit, not incel shit.


I stand corrected.

Anonymous Fapper

1.5? Damn I’ve seen some actual dog shit games posted with higher ratings so I can only imagine how bad this is. Love to hear from others who have tried this.

Canadian Fapper

not many like the really text based games, but once you get used to it you may enjoy it

Anonymous Fapper

Or gay/futa stuff. The crowd for it is already tiny, add to that a text game, you’ll get maybe a couple of 100 people interested, if even that.

Officer's Match

Seriously? What the fuck is this supposed to be?

Anonymous Fapper

Something between TiTS, Free Cities, and this other game I abandoned for not being good enough.


Loved the idea but its far to complicated and frustrating. Your bombarded with so many attacks that are affected by 2 or so stats that are defended against by 2 or so stats to the point that its very hard to know what the heck your supposed to do. That doesn’t pair well for a sexy game.

Anonymous Fapper

I’ve seen plenty of games with “complex” combat systems, that are also NSFW types.
The fact that this, with it’s simple combat system, appears complex, is laughable.
Definitely don’t check out games with a “complex” combat system, you might have a stroke.

Anonymous Fapper

Very interesting. Keep the updates coming.