In Waifu Academy, you play as young man (with a name of your choice, of course), who wishes to seek revenge after many years of harrowing ordeals… The game features more than 30 characters, each of which is unique and has a (hopefully) believable background.

Most of the game scenes take place at a fictional private high school called, ‘Sazaki Academy.’​

Censorship: None
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Harem, Vaginal Sex, Exhibitionism, Corruption, Voyeurism, Incest, Titfuck, Oral Sex, Milf

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “WaifuAcademy.exe” to start playing.


  • 2 ingame days of new content (The week-end).
  • Reworked the beginning of the game (script, smoother screen transition, Karma system value).
  • You can go in Downtown after school.
  • Added Karma system to all relevant choices (still WIP).
  • Added 3 new places with event (Yakuza club, Otaku room, home back yard)
  • Added 4 new Characters.
  • Added ~1700 lines of dialogue/script.
  • Added 13 new scenes with ~180 pictures
  • Added 12 animated sex scenes.
  • Added 2 new music, and 7 sounds/FX


Read the F.A.Q. before asking/commenting.

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Rubber Banana
Rubber Banana

I love this game!!!

Jason Arturia
Jason Arturia

Nice game..can’t wait for next update..

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Are the game for Android was updated too??

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Some one have bug like me?? After catch mini camera from female room and can’t out from this place

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Awesome Game, the music was a great surprise really good!
but would love to make my own choice with the parfume
karma system is good but would love to see the current karma
the only negative thing is the straight forward game design,
its not a simdate but would be nice to plan the day

Just passing by
Just passing by

Help is there a way to hide the interface by using a phone? It said press H to hide but I can’t cuz I’m using an Android

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Game size is going to developers place release game like a parts or season’s these is also helps to game going so long story and available for all waifu lovers.

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