Welcome To Hell

A young man and his childhood sweetheart finish school and decide to go home, but the road to their humble abode can be full of surprises.
Everything seemed perfect, the plans they had to enter a university, work part-time to pay the bills, and get out of that dangerous neighborhood where they lived, everything matched, they were made for each other.
Unfortunately, not everyone survived that tragic night, but a second chance was given, and the life they once knew would change forever.


Developer: NoobPROGames – Patreon | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Portuguese
Genre: Romance, Violence, Drugs, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Harem, male protagonist, 3dcg, Mobile game

1- Extract and run.

v0.5.5 Gold

*Season 2 teaser: added Renders(+22) – Animations (+1)
*Episode 1 is being remade and has been added Renders(+92) – Animations (+3)
New end credits video included.

Bug Fixes
V[0.5.5 Gold] This version contains a short post-credits scene showing a bit of what is to come in the next season.
Episode 1 is getting new static renderings and new animations, this work is being done slowly without causing delays in the development of new episodes.

Rating: 3.9/5. From 135 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Game is stupid as fuck.
To chaotic, you pick “rude” option and in next scene it is revealed that MC conspired because he didn’t wanted to be detected.
Then you are fighting with boss and you discover that he was taking 3 year fighting lessons
Plot is, i dunno it’s just dumb for me.

Anonymous Fapper

Its a sex game how much plot do you need..

Anonymous Fapper

yeah i can believe that, not sure a kids book would make sense to you. the whole point is to keep you guessing. if you know what is going to happen next would be boring and this way you can be surprised. the dumb thing is that the harem route misses almost all sex scenes cause you have to not chose anyone like a confused air head. i guess it’s not the worst i’ve seen but still not the best way to go and you have to watch scenes that you are not involved in kind of like NTR

Pussy Licker

This visual novel has potential, the story is interesting, I liked the turn of events in the last chapters but it is quite noticeable that the Dev is very new, many dialogues and scenes are very farcical, the decisions do not really impact the story, the models are not attractive and in some scenes they look ugly except for Samantha, the sex scenes are bad, apparently there is no way to save the twins, the main character obsessed with protecting everyone is very cliche… Anyway, this visual novel leaves the feeling that it could have been much better if the Dev was more experienced, because the story really grabs you but it has so many bad points that ruin the good things it has, hopefully in future updates it will improve and I just hope that the route of Sam have a good ending is the only one that I liked

Anonymous Fapper

I haven’t downloaded the game but it’s called Vampire Chronicles and apparently we’re in Hell? I just couldn’t help notice how bright and sunny it is, that’s all.

Anonymous Fapper

very nice game with animated sex scenes and nice female models. Downsides: no very smooth animations, no controls over animated sex scenes, no sex sounds and moans.

Anonymous Fapper

The “missing sex sounds and moans” guy strikes again


I see, You could ask your Sister if she can apply for that Voice role.


Nice game and I really like the background music ♪♫♥ 😉


Curious specially about that cinematic act what starts at the graveyard…


I even had to stop the game and just listening to that great Atmospheric music, really awesome.