Censorship: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: urination, male protagonist, point and click, incest

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “wet summer days.exe” to start playing.
– Rain mechanics

  • All clothes are now wettable
  • Light and heavy rain
  • Visual particles
  • Sound effects
  • Random chance of rain after the 14th day
  • Fireflies don’t show in heavy rain
  • Mizuki won’t stay out in heavy rain if not excited
  • Couple of talk lines added
  • Mizu can change into dry clothes

– Japanese translation implemented (switch in settings menu)
– Some fondle interactions when she’s standing will bring her only to a certain excitement level
– Mizu won’t swap clothes when going outside (so for example she can be seen in her pajama or towel)
– Mizu will wear her costume if player brings her to town at night (with costume unlocked)
– Fixed dress not showing transparent when wet and raised
– Other bug fixes and minor improvements

Rating: 4.0/5. From 31 votes.
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-game starts out in Japanese. You need to click on the 3rd button to reach options menu and at the top there will be an En/Jp button to switch to english.
-game is built for android. resolution is horrible in PC as it creates a tiny (non resizeable) vertical phone line window. Cutscenes are even worse as they are designed for switching the phone to horizontal mode, in PC it just means that 2/3rs of the already tiny window now become black bars


-Gameplay is a water drinking contest. Do not try this at home you will literally die of water poisoning. Yes really.
-Changing lang to english makes the game lose her name and you have to type in a name you made up. which is kinda annoying.


-The core minigame (water drinking) sucks so bad I couldn’t really get to any of the actual content before giving up and deleting this shit game

Pissing gal hunter

I wish there was an android version.

Anonymous Fapper

is it possible to get past day 14 or is that the day she leaves no matter what?

Anon /\

nvm, the first time the fin screen popped up the game froze so I just kinda assumed that’s how it ends, but after reloading the sight i saw it say after day 14 so i hopped on again and went through the cut scene no problem and just clicked to go to day 15

Anonymous Fapper

A collection of crap minigames.


surprisingly pretty good. Shes a tanned loli-ish cousin of some sort. its most likely built for mobile so its all point and click. remember to try out touching her where blue spots appear on her. So id say 7/10 would recommend it, its light hearted and not a lot of content compared to a vn but good


Agreed, it’s basically a great game for anyone with a shota loli fantasy. It’s not without its flaws, of course. The repetitive animations, uneven frames during sex animations and overall lack of attention to smoothening said animation leaves the experience as a wonky one, but fun and fapworthy.