Where It All Began

Years have passed. Things have changed. After a surprising call from your twin sister, you decide to head home to see what the hell is going on. And you certainly didn’t expect that.​

Developer: Ocean – PatreonDiscordSubscribestar | Twitter
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Creampie, Incest, Corruption, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, NTR, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Cheating, Masturbation, Big ass, Netori, Lesbian, Blackmail, Milf, Violence, Anal sex, Animated, Drugs, Groping, Horror, Pregnancy, Teasing

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Whereitallbegan.exe” to start playing.

NTR can be turned OFF at the beginning of the game.

Content Changed

This patch introduces some content to the game.


Patch Instructions

On PC, place the files into WIAB/game

On MAC: in WiAB.app/contents/resources/autorun/game

Rating: 4.1/5. From 1.2K votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Why just why there is a NTR fuking tag why ??? You are destroying my favourite VN on this fuking site Why the fuk do you need NTR when your fuking game is already this good why the fuk fuk you i cancel my patron subscription fuk you and your NTR shit .????????????????????????

Anonymous Fapper

Learn better English you dirty paki

Anonymous Fapper

You realize that the tag were already there before the rework and that it is completely avoidable ?


anyone knows where i can find the model of leia???

Anonymous Fapper

Such a long time to rework the game so it can be an hour of really heavy text conversations and one really, super, brief sex scene at the very beginning? Yes the graphics are a lot better but who cares when its this boring and bad?

Anonymous Fapper

best graphics ever seen for me. It looks so realistic.I never read the story normally, but this game is just different. Continue the good work fellow dev.

Anonymous Fapper

Did they drop this? No updates since December.. Or is the work that slow?

Anonymous Fapper

I haven’t seen any rework completed yet. It’s always a tactic for milking patrons.