A Family Venture

Tony owes a huge amount of money to the Mafia, but when he ends up in prison, the responsibility of the debt falls to his only son, the mc, Ryan. Help Ryan develop his relationship with his mother and two sisters.

With his father gone, there is nothing stopping the development of his Oedipal complex. And don’t forget the weekly payments to the mafia, because if they don’t receive their money, they will still take what they are owed in other ways.

Developer: WillTylor – SubscribeStarPatreonDiscordYouTube
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Incest, Male Protagonist, Oral sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Corruption, Groping, Male domination, MILF, NTR, Sleep sex, Stripping, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Point and click, Trainer

1. Extract and run.


  • 733 new images
  • 31 new animations
  • 4641 lines of dialogue
  • New event tracking system
  • 10 new quest events
  • (beta version) 1 new noncanonical commissioned NTR event. Only unlocked if you are on the NTR path.
  • New hidden and winnable images. 12 new face cards
Rating: 3.8/5. From 870 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Warum kann die Mutter nicht einfach ihren Sohn an den Sessel Fesseln… Und sich im Anschluss von den Schwarzen Jungen Ordentlich Verräumen lassen. Und er Sohn muss alles mitansehen.

Anonymous Fapper

Das wäre mal was geiles |

Anonymous Fapper

How do I know what week I am in?

Anonymous Fapper

How can i increase sydney atributes?

Anonymous Fapper

Ni g g A

Anonymous Fapper

Moat new content is NTR crap. Even with cheats, can play for 10+ hours and only H scenes are blowjobs or wristies!

But on NTR path, sisters and mother get fùcked by all and sundry!

Been over 3 years, and even checking the Gallery and newest content, we have only JUST got to fùcking a main female character. Almost ALL sex scenes are in the NTR content.

Seriously, 3 years and nearly all sex scenes are NTR?

And player beware. And it is bug riddled. Either that, or some ‘ events ‘, like the costume for the Aunt, are extremly low trigger chances…. At a time of the day ( late morning in the kitchen ) which does not exist! Can visit the kitchen early morning and morning every day, and use meme in room to pass a time slot, and do that for over a month in game time, and still event does not trigger.

Avoid. The NTR scenes are rape scenes as well!