A Ghostly Desire

As a player, you take on the role of ‘Marc’
and enter his life, in the moment, he returns from a three month journey.

There is the main story, which leads the player through the game world to gradually
‘unlock’ the ‘city’ or the ‘locations’ of other characters.
Starting from his home, he gradually gets to know more characters,
or meet already known characters.

With them or for them, different quests can be done,
to either experience sexual interactions or imagine sexual fantasies.
All starting from his penchant for voyeurism.

Each individual character has it’s own ‘story’ with ‘MC’!

Developer: Sitho – WebsiteDiscordItchSubscribestarReddit | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D game, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Adventure, Animated, Voyeurism, Point & click, Masturbation, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Milf, Teasing

Extract and run.

v0.7 Alpha

What’s new:
– Larissa story line continues with “meeting a friend” which is also the Violet introduction.
This includes a new screen for Violet’s house: “Studio”
– An optional side quest for Joanne: “Nice chair” which includes the introduction for Benita
and two new additional screens for the “Forest house”: “Work room” & “Attic”
(This quest can be skipped but it will exclude the characters “Joanne” and “Benita” for later
days and side quests.)

– An optional side quest for Ms Mrick which is the sequel for “Emma arrested” from day 3
(This quest can be skipped or continued regardless of the day at any time as long as it is “day time”)
– A new character can be found in Violet’s Rise Bar, marking the start of the upcoming
‘dating sim feature’
– Shower scenes are available now!
It is possible to take a shower once a day with a small portion of spice
(available for: Dayna, Larissa, Ms Mrick, Rebecca, Floria, Juliet, Caroline)
– A new mini game is available but not yet completable: “Lamps”

What’s added/changed additionally:
– Gallery is now functional and available
– Tablet is now functional and available
– added info screens UI for tablet and gallery
– the gallery will now show an annotation for transferred/removed pictures
– the tablet now shows an annotation in case the player carries an item
that can be used on the tablet
– Dayna hidden scene
– climb Larissa’s lattice again
– skip the VRB girls during day2 introduction and keep drinking instead
– Dayna provides tips (hints) on day1 during interaction
– several new talk options for Dayna (day 0-3)
– new talk options and adjusted interactions for Caroline (day 0-3)
– new talk option for Nancy (day3)
– fixed an order issue with the introduction dialog section for officer jones
– VRB girls are now visitable in their breakroom  and provides additional options to pay for
– Oliver story line integrated/continued + new talk options (anastasia side quest)
– possibility to withdraw money

 Changed/Fixed/Adjusted since swap version 0.6.7:
– mouse hover rotation is now shown correctly when leaving locations (juliet, violet)
– mouse hover over several location doors are now correctly displayed
– VRB customer room transitions are now correct
– adjusted image frames for “oliver” and “sophie” in VRB to reduce location loading times
– picking up the bed sheet (day0) now has it’s own screen and interaction
– fixed an interaction issue with the picture frame (mc home entry area)
– visibility and interaction with the inventory button got improved
– drill hole now shows correct image and interaction (depending on the day) if
used on night time
– quest markers are now correctly displayed above the mouse hover
– cash and bank money amount are now displayed correctly in the inventory UI
– Ms Mricks SD Card and Camera are now correctly useable at MC’s desk at home
– new mouse cursor for tablet interaction

Rating: 3.6/5. From 109 votes.
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