Aura Colors

Aura Colors is an adult visual novel game that has choices for you to make throughout the story.

After some circumstances that made you leave your town now you are back to it once again trying to start your life there as a fresh start away from your past while making new friends and meeting old ones in your new school and life. will you be able to achieve the peace that you always wanted…..that remains to be seen after all life is full of surprises bad and good you can’t avoid either of them.

Developer: Dionysus – PatreonItchDiscord
Censored: No
Language: English
Version: 0.8 Episode 2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Genre: 3dcg, Male Protagonist, Harem, School Setting, Male Domination, Romance, Fantasy, Groping, Big tits, Teasing, Voyeurism, Milf, Superpowers, Mobile Game

1 – Extract to Desired Location
2 – Run The Executable To Play The Game

Rating: 2.7/5. From 13 votes.
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I read this from start to finish. Ther is in fact a lot of chit chat and very little actual porn. Also no combat. Very few choices. Or as Elvis would have said ‘A little less conversation, a little more action.’

Also I’m confused: Is this the final release? It says ‘Final Version’ at the top but when I check out the Itch page it seems to imply its ongoing. Perhaps the plan is to stop at part 2 for this site but to continue elsewhere?

My suggestions on how to improve this story: Have the MC actually show us how he measures up to someone thats actually reasonably strong! Show us he is not just all talk! Also get on with the romance/Porn aspect! All we have seen so far is some tiddies and a girl masturbating! GET ON WITH IT!

Anonymous Fapper

Naaaaah!!! Not worth it, just chit chat and nothing else…


Lol, I believe you didn’t play more than 2min to say that. Yes, there many to read and we need to click twice almost for each of them (very bad work on this part dev), but it get nasty very fast, the only thing is that the dev made in a mandatory way (he even insult us by saying that just because he was mesmerize by his work we should appreciate it, not giving us the choice – even if he does elsewhere – jumping on her tits like the degenerate he is).

Anonymous Fapper

The android links are updated? The archive says “Ep 2”