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We took a year off from college, while trying to find a job and help out around the house.
Our best friend’s father is hiding secrets that we will slowly find out, or maybe we will just ask him for a job.​

Developer: Lonely Wolf – Patreon
Language: English
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Genre: Incest, Milf, Oral Sex, Big Ass, Visual Novel

1. Extract and run.


300 render, 2 animations

Rating: 3.0/5. From 23 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

So hard to play while the MC is a fkn idiot moronic prick, I mean what is the fkn reason for his behaviour towards his sister? Fk me, I wanna hit him so fkn bad. I don’t care grammar if the game is good, but here, even with perfect grammar I can’t stand that idiot.

Anonymous Fapper

Ok I have to say I just went to your Pat Page and 3/15/30 for your first project is crazy. I would not do the lowest until you have a finished quality project under your belt. I completely understand you want to improve your computer graphics capability, but you have yet to show that you check your work. I know this is the first release, but man please before publishing again, fix the multiple errors in this update and hopefully the next update will be checked as well before you publish it. Build your fan base by producing a quality product, please don’t make excuses about funds or your computer or even how it may be hard for you to post a quality translation to your work. Those are all your problems to solve, before we feel the need to give you money. I hope you figure it out.

Anonymous Fapper

DEV your visuals are really good, but your English translation needs some work and there are a few slides that you failed to translate entirely. As for the story so far, it is really lacking in depth. The Choices do not make much sense either, so rework what your intentions are, I suggest writing out the story and conversations before you put them into the programming. Use of He (Male) and She (Female) is all over the place. Also your progression with your story is forced and mostly makes no sense. So far it seems that you and your friend are switching sex homes as in when you go to his house I think he may be at yours and you dont know it yet. Who knows, clean up your story, give it some respect to your quality images. For a start it is ok, but far from good.

Anonymous Fapper

Description does not tell much. Are “We” a male?

Anonymous Fapper

Most of the sentences make no grammatical sense. Everytime when talking about a woman, she is mentioned as a man.

I don’t mind spelling mistakes too much in an early game, but please check the grammar. It’s near unreadable.