Brothel City

Build a city, hire and corrupt girls, featuring nearly 150 hentai illustrations!

Key Features

• The First and Only Adult City-Builder on Nutaku;
• 140+ Adult Illustrations to Open;
• 28 Unique Girls to Hire and Corrupt;
• 40+ Buildings/Upgrades to Develop Your City;
• Difficulty Levels for Different Game Experience;
• Windows 64x Only

Developer/Publisher: Darot Games – Patreon | Nutaku
Censorship: No
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Strategy, Corruption, Resource Management, Monster, Monster Girl, Fantasy


* The free game mode has one, but significant change – now you can construct all buildings from the start. This brings tons of new strategies on how to develop your city, though it is very easy to get lost in this sea of possibilities. We really hope experienced majors, though, will find this change interesting to re-play the game.
* The Campaign story continues with the new 90 illustrations!
* We also experimented with controlled animation – the test one about milking Cowy seems to bring some new fun!
* Also, we tried using a choice mechanic for the storyline, too (see the chapter where Elise tells her story about how she became a Sister of Charity).
* Some decrees (9 by now, but we are working on adding more) have special animated versions that are displayed at the place where something happens (Prostitute seduces a client, or Sister of Charity prays).
Please, provide your valuable feedback about them – would you like to see more of those in the game?
* 57 new sprites – first of all, we have a huge interface update – all the buildings, land, trees, bushed, roads, etc. are re-worked and improved.
Some remained their appearance, some received totally new skins.
We are sure the game looks much better now and wait for your confirmation of this though 🙂
* new illustrations and lots of plot texts in the Campaign mode. Hope you’ll enjoy the continue of the story and our first try of moving a player between TWO cities at the same time – we would like to see if you have any ideas of how to use it in future.
* Segments of the road where no one steps for a long time now become older and disappear at all if remains untouched even more longer.
* Now you can track the in-game time and date in both Campaign and Free modes.
* Now you can see the ‘kissing animation’ when you receive EXP points.
* Huntresses fixed – now they enter the game with Shyness 2, not 0.
* Aristocrats fixed – now they provide extra gold depending on gold earned during last day, not on the amount of gold you have.
* Now you can track money earned by Casinos as a separate number in the financial report.
* Now the game has a loading screen that appears when you have to load something.
* Bunny Girl functionality tweaked – before it was bugged giving you enormous earnings or loses.
* Hold a cursor above Gold tab to see when and how much tribute you’ll pay.
* It is impossible now to place Huntress’ trap on another trap –
* Now you can track how much gold have you earned during all the game – place a cursor above the gold tab to check it.
* Bug fixed – before you could have the 5th level with Factions before the construction of your first Hotel is finished.
* Now you’ll have no Autopause after you confirm the repair of a building.
* It is impossible anymore to have any number of some buildings – every building in the game now has a construction radius.
* Factions screen optimized a little bit – buttons moved to the top, descriptions to the bottom.
* English improvements at the Campaign and through the game in general – around 2000 symbols done;
* Each decree in the game now has its own plot description that describes better what is going on after it is issued or why (around 15000 symbols);
* A new girl is added – Bunnygirl – 6 new illustrations and decrees.
She is hired in the Casino and works as a distracting factor for those who try to win your money in a very special way;
* A new girl is added – Librarian – 5 new illustrations and decrees.
She is hired in the Library and does her best to improve visitors’ experience visiting this place and more.
* Campaign is continued telling a story of how and where you gain your girls
And – meet three new Campaign characters, two of them are Elves 😉
Campaign (in progress). Click “New Game” -> Campaign to run it.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 60 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Dead. The devs disbanded.

Anonymous Fapper

HELP!! error message:The game is not compatible with this version of windows has appeared

I am using windows 7 32 bit btw

Anonymous Fapper

it literally says Windows 64x Only

Anonymous Fapper

You need to have 64 bit


El link está caido

Anonymous Fapper

Really really good idea, but Even “normal” level too hard;
Need 2 be mod-able; Set starting stats; More edit/config costs & numbers #

A Fapper

It’s a kinda good game but slutholm is getting better. the dev is on slow mode btw