Meeting her

“Meeting Her” is a story about two characters that you choose what kind of relationship will develop between them. Most of the time you will play as “Male Main character” but sometimes you will play as “Female Main character” for short periods of time. (You can choose their names or keep them as default.)
There are others female characters like MF’s best friend, MM’s coworker and a few more. But this isn’t all! There are also other males characters that will add some humor to the story, or something more… if you want.

Developer: Verde – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Dating sim, Incest

Rating: 2.8/5. From 89 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Bro one request don’t add cheating or ntr kind of stuff because it’s just worst thing and your game characters are very pretty

YoManZipIt Up

Yes, either not add it at all or at least make it optional (so people can choose).

Anonymous Fapper

Completely agree with you


some people like it, but it’s good to have a choice

Great pervert

I hope it is not the game where a gorgeous lady fall for a fat fuck…it will be like wtf, for real ????????

Anonymous Fapper

either that or an ugly, old, little dink of a man. some times a little realism is ok , especially theses situations, it isn’t believable that a fat or ugly man would catch a broad’s heart instantly, women are illogical, double standard, driven by petty emotional, hypocritical beings, they like to say they wish to find nice people, instead of bad ones but when given what they they asked for they always reject it, and continue doing what they just complained about. so i agree,

Anonymous Fapper

and if any comments on this will only serve to prove me correct because, like the old saying goes, things that tend to make us the most upset are always turn out to be the truth.

Anonymous Fapper

You’re a mindless basement-dwelling scumsucking shitbird incel. Did that upset you? Huh. Must be true then.


I gave this a great review, and I stand by it, BUT, one nitpick I hope the developer fixes, and that is the long “Dissolves”. I went through all your code and changed every “Dissolve” that was longer than a second, “Dissolve (3)” for example, and I changed them ALL to “Dissolve(.5)” and it was much better. Those long dissolves of two or more seconds are annoying and not needed.

Don’t get me wrong, LOVED the game otherwise, that was all that bothered me. That and one untranslated line. 😉


Nice story so far. Minimal sex scenes, good character and story development. I really like it. Some good humor in it. If you want the story to read as intended, make your male character her “father” and make her his daughter (not “friends) or the story won’t make any sense at all.
Anyhow, to the author, line 2025 of update3.rpy is untranslated. If you edit it, change it to this…
me “He’s my son, when he turns on his charm, all the girls will fall at his feet.”

Anonymous Fapper

Too much bulshit text, no any sex.

Anonymous Fapper

It has sex scenes.

Anonymous Fapper

What sans-serif isn’t sexy enough?


There is some sex, but this had a good story with decent character and story development. Cheap porn with crap stories are a dime a dozen, this is well worth downloading.