Cloud Meadow

We want to show you the world of Cloud Meadow, a world of islands floating in the sky through ancient magics you can only ponder at, where man and monster strive side by side to survive and prosper, where the inhabitants find their way in life the best they can, and make the best of what they have.

Become one of our protagonists, Evan or Eve, and venture out into the Frontier to farm, breed, and battle your way through the growing pains of a small farm, and who knows, maybe have a little fun with the locals here and there. Oh, and possibly solve an ancient mystery along the way.

You can play as either Evan or Eve, a fresh and plucky First Class Union Frontiersman straight out of the Union Academy. Your assignment is a town on the edge of the Frontier called Cloverton, a modest town with a farm in desperate need of a professional touch. After you are greeted by the lovely Jubelle, the town’s Union Operations Director, you are told your main job is to get the towns farm back in working order. As a Frontiersman, you’re trained to venture into the wilds where you’ll find a whole trove of interesting creatures and treasures to help or hinder you on your path to unravel the mysteries of the world around you.

As a Frontiersman you have been trained to care for crops and monsters, along with going out into the wilds to explore. You can craft items using essence and other components, and use these to enhance your farm, your monsters, or the town of Cloverton.

Monsters are the beings that originally evolved on the wild and untamed islands untouched by humanity. Once hunted for their blood, used to fuel the magitech machines humanity uses to survive and expand across the hostile environment. After the formation of the Union, monsters and humans struck a deal, far more profitable, and pleasurable, to coexist and help both groups to thrive and grow. The monsters allow humans to harvest more sustainable forms of energy, and in exchange, humans and monsters can live together in relative peace in the already harrowing world they live in.


Developer: Team Nimbus – Patreon | | Discord | Website
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Furry, Simulator, Farming, Animated, Big tits, Oral sex, Incest, Futa, Monster, Vaginal sex, Monster girl, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Combat, Management, Gay, Lesbian, Strategy

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Cloud Meadow.exe to start playing.

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Rating: 2.9/5. From 264 votes.
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at least this claudy meadows game had alot more in its early build then breeding season ever had giving you a few hours of play hell even giving you 1 full days play if you know how to spread it out and the fact that its a hybrid of breeding farming and dungeon crawling at least the dev decided to give you something more then just breeding which honestly got boring very fast, yes breeding season had alot going for it but the blowout of the dev’s killed it please leave it as claudy meadows is the new breeding season if you like it or not

btw im here by random chance as i was bored enough to looking around for a new game
im not returning to comment back its pointless to reqally try to get into a heated argument
im just saying my peace as someone needs to sand up for this GOOD GAME!

Anonymous Fapper

He certainly can make good art, but i doubt he has any intetions of finishing this game either.
This game hasn’t made any progress in ages, longer than BS has even been around.
He’s just milking his gullable patreons.
The lead dev of BS might has been incompetent, but at lest he progressed his game, this one has not gotten any significant amount of new contant in like 5 years, which is kinda sad, since it’s also a good concept.


i know im a get reamed as every comment is putting this down but i didnt find it that bad i actually liked it sure i liked breeding season alittle more but i played the last build of breeding season 7.4 etc and i just played it recently and its still a broken unfinished mess half the stories werent there with random place holders showing up or nothing happens when clicking on it, meaning its a place holder, and on top of that you’d think by end build 7.4 they’d have all the sexual animations and monsters down but no you still have to force
the opposite sex to show up as Fdickwolfs FStallions and Fdemons are very rare to show up in the farm holder thing, the only females you get right off the bat is catgirls and maybe a Fbirdy THATS IT! and with as i said half the stories and game locked out unfinished there was not much to do to level up your breeder to get better monsters to breed, your stuck putting in those old cheat codes just to get by and see something else your praising that

Anonymous Fapper

the artist is sht left breeding season for this? pile of crap still unforgivable

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah I just read up on what happened. Artist is one sub-human rat.

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t give all the credit to the Artist !
The ‘maindeveloper’ of Breeding Season is just as much of an asshat 🙂


What a horrendous pile of garbage. This is a new kind of garbage that makes the old kind top quality.

Anonymous Fapper

lol Funniest thing read all day…

Anonymous Fapper

Idk. I tried this game, but this feels like too much of a grind for me. Maybe it gets good/better but I don’t feel like learning all that new mechanics and reading all that text