Corrupted Kingdoms

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?

Developer: Arc – PatreonSubscribestar | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Fantasy, RPG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Ahegao, Corruption, Pregnancy, Adventure, Mind control, Masturbation, Handjob, Mobile game, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

Extract and run.


  • Gwen: Can now be found enjoying the pool on Wednesday morning and afternoon!
  • Gwen: You can now do naughty things to Gwen at the pool!
  • Gwen: If Gwen is in “full yandere” mode, you might want to check your bedroom window at night… (just a graphical thing, for fun)
  • Ami: Ami now stops flinching after a certain number of headpats!
  • Daycare: Added “Play” option to the “Talk” dialogue tree. No more having to come all the way back out to the kid menu!
  • Misc: Tidied up a bunch of code lines to hopefully prevent lead duplication errors. Fingers crossed!
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that was causing an Organisation lead duplication glitch (thanks to Cursed for tracking it down!)
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that prevented the Gallery Cheat from opening up the Pixie Cowgirl scene properly
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that allowed you to go on park dates with Lily and Emma when they were heavily pregnant
  • Bug: Fixed a weirdly persistent bug where Asteria would call you “[mc]” at love level 3
  • Bug: Fixed MC using outdated dialogue during the “peek” night scene with Gwen
  • Bug: Added a line to MC’s first meeting with Lily where she actually introduces herself. No more mind-reading her name!
  • Bug: Couple little typos fixed
Rating: 4.1/5. From 1.7K votes.
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Easy one of the most complete, interesting and long games here. In my top 10 easy. Has a bit of everything, pregnant fetish ond more. There is soooo much to do that you really can’t decide sometimes. Best part, there is no time limit, so enjoy all character stories and visit your girls when pregnant for sex prego fn (if it is your thing). Lots of sex. Some love stories are not very romantic cause “magic” and all but it’s Ok in the context of the story. Don’t expect to finist it in a day or two!


Can some tell me step for step how to update on android without losing my progress? I’m too dumb for this shit lol dry btw English isn’t my first language

Anonymous Fapper

How do i transfer saves in the andriid version, i am sick of reolaying the same stuff when i upgrade

Officer's Match

I am now dyslexic from this comment. Suggest you go transfer some gay dicks up your ass and stfu.

Anonymous Fapper

Use zarchiver

Anonymous Fapper

How do I get the girls pregnant I keep getting it where it says u feel like something keeping her from getting pregnant how can I change this plz I have the farm upgraded with the daycare and everything

Anonymous Fapper

Go to daycare, move their child to another dimension. Each woman can only have 1 child in that dimension.

Anonymous Fapper

if that doesnt work then go to outskirts go to the field and talk to the merchant and buy the potion


No Anal ;(

Anonymous Fapper

Thers is,with one of the girl in that ninja clan in grandpa’s village