The story takes place in the medieval time. You play as a young man whose parents all died years ago. Roxanne let you work at her tavern since then. Ai, a girl whom you and Roxanne rescued after her ship-wrecked accident also lives with you two and works for Roxanne. You don’t have many friends except Ai and Princess Myra who always suddenly appears from nowhere. Your life is so peaceful. Until one day, you feel the need of love. But who will you choose among many beautiful girls and women around you?​

Developer: MiZtyl – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Harem, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Virgin, MILF, NTR, Multiple Endings

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 3.0/5. From 737 votes.
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Officer's Match

Fuck you stupid NTR loving cuck beta losers.

Anonymous Fapper

Hello there, ass sucker. They told me you loved to suck ass of NTR devs, right?

RanCor 33

What is with the fucking interracial NTR garbage? Fucking woke ass garbage devs.

Anonymous Fapper

I played 2 times and I’m happy that there are enough contents for me to play, once for NTR and once for no-NTR. Good job trying to please both sides, dev.

NTR Fan Mike Masochist

A good NTR game, I love it and I rate it 5 star
Very nice
Thank you dev for this deliscious NTR


You are welcome, thanks for playing.

Anonymous Fapper

When will you release the next update, fake dev?

Anonymous Fapper

cant install adroid. any one having problem?

Anonymous Fapper

this is a con, not the dev

Anonymous Fapper

not much of a con

Captain Shitty 4 U

Before trying to fake as an author, you should check his patreon page first to see if there are android versions or not.


I don’t support Android.

Anonymous Fapper

There are android versions on patreon page. You are such an idiot.