Guild of Spicy Adventures

In the game Guild of Spicy Adventures you’re in trouble… Luckily, an attractive fox girl arrives with a helping hand.

You stand on your feet, taking unrefusable job offer.

You will need to face many challenges, ultimately creating a guild to defeat them.

With your hard sword and beautiful companions you can pull out of any danger.

Anticipating what awaits, you take a chance at this venture.

Developer: Hikkeiru – PatreonItchDiscord | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Language: English, Russian, Polish, Spanish
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Groping, Oral Sex, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Adventure, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Humor, Parody, Point & Click, Romance, Vaginal sex, Sandbox, Anal Sex, Big Tits , Stripping , Voyeurism, Spanking, Creampie, Pregnancy, Harem

Extract and run.


  • Story continuation event! Your lewd time with Kanae leads to fulfilling the promise of taking her to the place she is so excited about! Several new animations for the new event!
  • Story localization. Make sure to travel at least once to another location, and it will migrate the story automatically to support localization and the newly put story! Ex. Move to the next street in the town. The story is now translated and scripts are created to only enable proofreading-mostly without translators needing to translate every single sentence. If you wish to help with translation in your native language you can report particular screen with bug reporter or DM me for better interface access.
  • Meeting screen name correct font.
  • Added several UI item translations.
  • Ping method now doesn’t block UI thread.
  • Initializing ink story on first accessed rather than on game entry.
  • Button text going out of bounds adjusted.
  • Two new audio background tracks.
  • Fixing choice buttons sometimes not working when clicked too fast
  • Putting new text animator effects to the use. The letters can now animate to make the story pop!
Rating: 3.4/5. From 81 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

models are good, animation is decent. Writing is eh but with a good dose of humor. Not much content as of yet. 2 sex scenes and 2 forced bjs

Anonymous Fapper

Wtf is this game XD
I can’t stop laughing while playing this game
In search of a silver I found diamond


The scene were you fuck the elf while flying the Drago was the most magnificent thing that I have ever experienced in a video game. Who ever made this game you guys are the G.O.A.T. thank you for making me happy

A fucking possum

Who ever made this game, thank you and you guys really did great, it not only gave me pleasure, but it took out my lonely ness, made me happy and laugh a lot, seriously the jokes in this game is just gold bro. Love it

Anon "MC" Johnson

“You’re in trouble… Luckily, an attractive fox girl arrives with a helping hand.You stand on your feet, taking unrefusable job offer.”

In other words, you suck, you’re worse than a dog, you think dogs are sexy, get a job you lazy bum, be a slave. Is that about right?

Anonymous Fapper

this game doesn’t give you everything in 10 minutes of story like most, as of not everyone will jump on the dick from the get go. That’s what I am assuming as the person that wants to ride d the most at the start is not sane (Manako). Game aims for some meaning