Harem RPG Remastered

Harem RPG Remastered is a story-driven adult RPG. You are a traveler from a distant, unknown land on a desperate quest to save your homeland. A cabal of mages cast a curse on your people, making the women of your land barren and promising to end your country in a single generation.

Shipwrecked in a strange land you know nothing about, an angel saves you and bestows you with magical powers. As you explore this new land, you will become ensnared in the politics and plots of its inhabitants as you seek to build a harem of beautiful women to bring back to your people to give birth to the next generation.

But there is far more going on than what you see at first and you will discover that nothing is as it seems.

Developer: Fylokon Games – Patreon | TwitterItch | Wiki |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, 2d game, male protagonist, harem, trainer, big ass, big tits, milf, rape, bdsm, group sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, humiliation, creampie, mobile game, swinging

Extract and run.


Hello everyone! The full release of 3m4 of Harem Remastered RPG is complete and ready to play!

Release 3m4 includes 20 scenes, including 12 redone and 8 brand new ones! These scenes are made up of 121 pages of script made up of 51 redone and 70 new as well as 156 images including 56 redone and an impressive 100 brand new images to enjoy!

These scenes include scenes for Angelica, Donna, Sarah and more! We also added several quests including a trip to the “Thunder Swamp,” as well as a few others, each with their own challenge to truly test your skills.

Next, we’ve added a recruit that you will be able to add to your team in a future chapter. Baylie can be found at the Eowen pub!

We’ve also included 3 new non-canon scenes for our Legate+ patrons. Including a “party” with 5 of your girls. You can see these scenes for as little as $25/release!

There are also many minor fixes and quality of life changes added to just make your whole experience with the game a bit better, including showing enemy health and their weaknesses! We want to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. We hope to deliver a quality product that all our fans can enjoy!

Finally we just want to remind everyone that we have built a wiki page at https://harem-rpg-remastered.fandom.com/wiki/Harem_RPG_Remastered_Wiki We believe that this could help a lot of people learn about the game as well as help solve some of the more difficult puzzles (Hello Wyri). So any contributions would be appreciated.

We want to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. We hope to deliver a quality product that all our fans can enjoy!

Rating: 3.5/5. From 124 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Cliche MMMMMF harem for insecure gays on closet.

Anonymous Fapper

Dark path = G…Y voyeur MC
Light path = G…Y voyeur MC too.

Abandon this “gem”

No male MC straight path. 0.5 stars.

Anonymous Fapper

and yet, you played all of it, as you do with every single “gay” game on this site


Yeah he played a game called Harem that has the Harem tag and got surprise NTR, a tag that this fucking trash doesn’t have.

Anonymous Fapper

“You played all”

Do you known than porn site have milions of players.

I played 3-5 of each 100.
Another player play another 3-5 of 100.

And all people making comments.
Good or bad. Grind or not.
G Y or straight game.
FU TA or female love interest. Or boys love interest (G Y boy for you here)

I don’t need play all.
But i need look tags. And comments. To save my time.

Anonymous Fapper

I played 1 tagged GAY game.
Come Home. 100% AVOIDABLE GAY. And gay futa netorare MMMMMMF shlt in Come Home is around 20% of game.
80% of game is Male MC straight path.

But have a lot of “gay futa netorare mmmmmmmf” untagged always. Like this boring kinetic shlt / gay gromming DEV are pathetics.

Anonymous Fapper

I love that discussion. Dudes. You are NOT the MC. Watching the MC having Sex with YOUR girls is the same “gay” NTR as watching some other random character fuck her. Those girls are not really your love interests. They are fap material being penetrated by a random dick.

Anonymous Fapper

THEN ignore game section and LETS GO WATCH PORN
A million of porn videos. WITHOUT WAIT 5 years of milking in a game.

You watch 20-30 videos. Fap. And go to work. Go to cinema. Go watch a non porn movie. Go fuck your GF / BF. Go play with your kids.


Anonymous Fapper

You can DOWLOAD KOITAKU. And watch all scenes of KOITAKU or HONEY SELECT 2.

Without story. Because its only random porn. And a lot more porn. Without waiting for years.


I downloaded the zip file for Android and then Renamed (.zip) into (.apk) but it doesn’t work as a install File

Anonymous Fapper

If you believed that, you really need to stop downloading things.

Anonymous Fapper

u a looser wid a small peepee n no lady want u

Anonymous Fapper

You’re not smart.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m just going to asume that this is a joke to not think that mankind have this kind of retards

I don't know my name

Guys, help, how do you install this? Coz when i downloaded it(android), it gave me zip file and inside of it is just a file, i can’t fine the apk

Anonymous Fapper

U need to unpack in in Android and then OBB. As example just download ZArchiver and just follow my steps. After u done that install the apk.

Anonymous Fapper

Just rename the zip to apk

Anonymous Fapper

Same problem no apk in download even after extracting please help

Some Random Fapper

any idea how to beat the succubus? I get wiped every time the 3 elementals span and AOE me to death…….