Legend of Krystal: Rebirth

In Legend of Krystal: Rebirth you play as a young female lieutenant, fighter pilot of the Federation. You are sent on a mission on an unexplored planet, where nothing will go as planned. How will you fare on this hostile world? How will the natives welcome you? Will you survive the… particular flora and fauna? In this adventure full of dangers you will also find trustworthy companions, friends, and perhaps even lovers. But don’t let your guard down, this planet has terrible secrets, and will affect you way beyond what you could imagine.​

Developer: The Tribe – PatreonDiscord | TwitterTrello | Subscribestar | Website
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Animated, Female Protagonist, Handjob, Lesbian, Monster, Oral Sex, Sci-fi, Side-scroller

1. Extract and run.


– Added Kay’s Shower Scene.
– Added Kay and Keakrix CG scene.
– Interacting with the bathroom door in Kay’s room.
– Added a light switch in Kay’s room.
– Added a popup to let people know the end of the current game progress Fixes & Modifications.
– Modified the tanning minigame to scale with the player’s selected difficulty and have less stages.
– The bathroom door in Kay’s room is now click to open/interact rather than motion detection. It still uses motion detection to close the door though.
– Removed the day/night cycle affecting the absolution ship (we now have light switches).
– Fixed Kay waking up on the floor
– Improved lighting in Kay’s room
– Switched Terminal button text from Skip Absolution to Skip Ahead to Village

Rating: 3.8/5. From 115 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Why is the score so high? The game has been remade over and over again to the point where its clear to anyone with half a brain that its never going to get to an enjoyable state, little alone ‘finished.’ Its an obvious grift and people keep falling for it…


Sounds like you guys miss the Flash days. Check out Bluemaximas Flashpoint. It’s got all the old Java games and animations we all loved. Just be sure to turn off the explicits filter in the settings tab. Then you’ll be able to see all the M rated stuff. I recommend the Infinity version. It only downloads the games and flash animation you click on, not all 100k.


These guys have started over how many times now…?

Anonymous Fapper

different team from the original people working on it. i dunno how many times it’s changed hands


This almost turned me into a fury back in the day. ALMOST


nigga, ur a furry

Anonymous Fapper

Are there no actual scenes in the latest version? I couldnt even find the chief to talk to him

Anonymous Fapper

you’d know why if you red more than just the changelog, they got a whole developer blog.