Ludus Master

Ludus Master is an adult, management style game, situated in an ancient Rome times. You play as a young guy who must return from military service after his father’s death to take over family business. However, you find his life’s work – a Ludus school, in ruins and you must start over.

Your task is to acquire a servant, asses her abilities and talents and decide an appropriate type of training for her. Then you have to oversee the training, design daily routine for her or give her special tasks. Different types of servants give you unique option – some can cook, some can gather resources, work with customers or even fight like gladiators.

Your villa, where most of your work will take place is in disrepair. Buy new furniture, equipment and decorations. Organize lavish feasts or orgies to acquire prestige. Raise in social rank to get new options, special work opportunities or quests. Feed all members of your household. Better quality food will grant various bonuses, while starving servants can run away. Cooking raw food is cheaper than buying finished food, but it takes time. Go fishing for alternative food income or buy a land and farm it or raise farm animals.

The game is full 3D. You control your character in a 3rd person view and you can rotate/zoom your camera, even during sex scenes. Scenes are controllable – select position, pace, view or even manually control your character during the scene.​


Developer: Mike Velesk – PatreonWebsiteWiki
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Historical, Male protagonist, Animated, MILF, Virgin, BDSM, Corruption, Cosplay, Group sex, Exhibitionism, Combat, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Internal view, Slave training

Extract and run.


– elite courtesan training – different from all other trainings as it is more complex, but also more rewarding. It is unlocked by achieving Aedile rank.
– new tutor Sabina can be hired
– improved animations and fixed memory leaks

Rating: 2.4/5. From 20 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

In WOH where we can find magical academy

Anonymous Fapper

some know the premium code ?

Anonymous Fapper

code premium?

Mike Velesk (developer)

They are not promises, it is actually all in the game already. Some in a limited amount, for example for parties, there are no orgies yet, but there are feasts. Training in games are: household servant, farm servant, brothel servant, baths servant, breeding servant and pit fighter. Planned are concubine, bodyguard, gladiatrix, personal assistant, trophy servant and more.

Graphics are in development. Right now, I’m alone on this project, but when there will be more support on Patreon, I can hire a graphic designer. Keep in mind that this is not a visual novel, but full 3D game. All models and scenes are rendered in real time. Models are already much more detail than models in sims games, fallouts or skyrim.

Anonymous Fapper

Some things arent as straight forward as you might think. Feeding? Food in servants and characters inventory. Food in storage. Cooking food. Buying food… but no one is eating. They choose to stave then run away.. 🙂

Mike Velesk (developer)

You must have food “rations” in your inventory in the morning. If it is not there at that time, they will starve. Having it anywhere else does not count. It is in a tutorial message when you first enter the kitchen.

Anonymous Fapper

Everything the games Overview describes sounds amazing and if the Dev can keep what he promisses, I can see a lot of potential here. But at this point, the visuals are horrible. Sorry to say that, but that is a huge bonner killer. Refine the visuals and i’ll be absolutely down for this game