Neko Fairys

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Neko Fairys full of mystical creatures, dwarves, elves, nekos, fairies and of course dragons.

Experience Cathy’s adventure as she escapes from her own world to start over in a new one. What dangers will she face on her way?
Will she and her friend Melissa be able to forget everything that happened in their old world?
NekoFairy’s Remastered will entice your feelings and captivate them with sweet Nekos, little Kitsunes, Kawaii girls, and a lot of humor.

Of course our hero Muten Roshi will be there again, and this time with the support of Krillin.
Will he be able to do “pafu-pafu” with a woman?
These and many other questions will be answered in the next 6 episodes.

And all those who don’t have a special desire for a little romance with a lot of love and humor will be able to play as a male this time around. Konrad needs to fulfill his destiny, too.

Konrad is a man from another timeline, who simply couldn’t do anything with his previous life anymore, and as chance would have it, a very special wish was granted to him.
He shall become the new demon king and shatter the world as we know it…
But not all is as Konrad had hoped it would be. What exactly will you experience with his story?

Developer: Neko-Hime – PatreonDiscord | Subscribestar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, German
Genre: 3DCG, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Rape, Incest, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Pregnancy, Magic, Oral Sex, Parody, Loli

Extract and run.


Render: 437
New Characters: 25/25
All Characters: 80/80
Scene: 29
Words: 7608

Rating: 2.8/5. From 154 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Dafuq i just played?
A number of random ideas thrown into a pot stirred up and loosley stiched together.
Animations and graphics right from the uncanny vally.
Getting a headache trying to make sense of this mess.
Feels more like a Meme/Joke than a Game.
Props to the dedication but storytelling and animation needs a lot of work.

Anonymous Fapper

How do I make the language English????

Anonymous Fapper

WTF is this? Could not follow any of the story. I am now dumber from this game


Dragon Ball Z ???

Anonymous Fapper

Not the same story, characters or plot of neko-fairy, it’s an entire different “game”, the screenshots in the post don’t even match anymore, comments below still aply but just because it’s a fantasy story, can anyone advise about why the changes? and if the other story is going to continue with a different name or if it’s gone for ever? It wasn’t a good story but the female characters were pretty hot and sweet, also looked pretty hardcore, can’t say the same about these new characters